Robbo mys­tery solved? Home and Away

Is Robbo was It could be that the hunk who Ryan once a po­lice­man, Re­veals Jake

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Chef, waiter, driver... since com­ing to Summer Bay, mys­tery man Robbo has had a crack at sev­eral jobs in the hope that it will help wake up his stalled mem­ory. ‘Noth­ing’s proved suc­cess­ful but when he res­cues Kat Chap­man from be­ing held hostage, Robbo shows the kind of skills which, Kat reck­ons, he could only have picked up as a cop,’ says Jake Ryan, who plays Robbo. And there’s a grow­ing at­trac­tion be­tween him and Kat!

Why is Kat kid­napped?

She hears that Brody Mor­gan has skipped bail and is holed up in a ho­tel. On her way to the po­lice sta­tion, where she’s tak­ing Robbo for ac­ci­den­tally crash­ing into her po­lice car, she de­cides to call in at the ho­tel. Un­known to her, drug dealer Zan­nis is hold­ing Brody, and Ziggy As­toni, hostage in one of the rooms. As soon as Zan­nis lets her in, she’s knocked out by one of his hench­men. Robbo re­alises some­thing’s wrong when an­other thug emerges, yet Kat is nowhere to be seen.

What does Robbo do?

When Zan­nis and some of his cronies ap­pear out­side with Brody and Ziggy in tow, and walk to­wards a get­away car, they are in­ter­cepted by Robbo, who takes out two of the thugs. He then finds him­self squar­ing up to Zan­nis, who has a gun. Kat has re­gained con­scious­ness and walks from the room into the fir­ing line, but Robbo very skil­fully and quickly dis­arms Zan­nis. Kat, Brody and Ziggy are safe and it’s all down to Robbo.

So Kat then wonders if he was a cop?

Yes. She fig­ures he must have had specialist train­ing for him to have han­dled him­self in the way he did.

What hap­pens next?

Robbo and Kat end up hav­ing a drink to­gether, much to Ash’s dis­gust. She thanks him for sav­ing her and they agree to be friends, as she clearly feels she can trust him again. Af­ter a cou­ple of drinks, Robbo and Kat are get­ting on re­ally well. Kat re­veals that she wants to find out what his his­tory is and Robbo asks her what would she like it to be? There’s real chem­istry be­tween them.

Does one thing lead to an­other?

Not at this stage, but when Kat sees a shirt­less Robbo at the car­a­van park the next morn­ing, the at­trac­tion is def­i­nitely still there. Later, hav­ing fi­nally fin­ished with Ash be­cause it’s just not work­ing out, she and Robbo have an­other drink. This time, they end up in each oth­ers’ arms. You’ll have to wait to see if they stay that way!

By Ali­son James

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