Soaplife - - 2 weeks Revealed -

Week 1

Cancer! Woody no­tices that Linda’s in pain. After beg­ging her to tell Mick, she re­veals she’s hav­ing the same symp­toms she had when first di­ag­nosed with cancer...

A guilty Carmel al­lows a stunned Stacey to spend time with Lily and Arthur, then Kush con­fronts his mum with an ac­cu­sa­tion!

Sharon’s an­gry when the anony­mous caller con­tin­ues to plague the Mitchell fam­ily.

Joyce’s ac­tions make Ted sus­pi­cious...

Truth! A con­cerned Mick re­alises Linda’s not feel­ing well and she fi­nally ad­mits the truth that she had cancer – and she’s ter­ri­fied that it’s re­turned!

Malev­o­lent Max lurks nearby when the doc­tors re­move Jane’s breath­ing tube...

Stacey is re­united with her chil­dren, but is left frus­trated by a so­cial worker’s visit.

Ted sug­gests he and Joyce go on the run to Aus­tralia to es­cape the court case.

Bomb­shells! Mick strug­gles to come to terms with Linda’s cancer bomb­shells. When they re­turn from see­ing the doc­tor, an­other rev­e­la­tion prompts a huge row with Woody!

Jane wakes up in hos­pi­tal to find her­self alone with Max... Is she safe?

Joyce comes round to Ted’s idea of run­ning away... Will they go through with their plan? Sharon and Michelle speak to the po­lice... Keanu pon­ders a ca­reer as an es­cort...

Pres­sure! There’s a shock for Stacey and Mar­tin, which piles pres­sure on the be­lea­guered mum. Then Carmel makes a con­fes­sion...

Stressed Mick talks to Jack about what’s hap­pened with Woody, while Shirley talks to Linda about the sit­u­a­tion. The cash-strapped Tay­lor fam­ily face yet more fi­nan­cial woes, leav­ing wor­ried

Keanu to call the es­cort agency...

Week 2

Stunned! Mar­tin’s stunned when his world is turned up­side-down... But why? Max gets up to no good...

Life-chang­ing! One res­i­dent has life-chang­ing news for their fam­ily... But what is it? Michelle helps Mar­tin... Why?

Trou­bled! The trou­bled Fowler fam­ily face yet more woes... Can they pull to­gether and start to over­come their lat­est cri­sis?

Shock! There’s a shock in store for the Carter clan... But what is it? Sharon fears Michelle’s in trou­ble...

Con­fes­sion time: Dis­tressed Linda tells Woody about her cancer fear Home visit: Stacey’s up­set when a so­cial worker checks on her chil­dren Let­ting go: Stressed Mick tells Jack about Linda’s rev­e­la­tions

Breath­ing more eas­ily: But is Jane in danger from Max?

New call­ing: Keanu tries to find work with an es­cort agency

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