Soaplife - - 2 weeks Revealed -

Week 1

Shock! The sur­viv­ing vil­lage res­i­dents re­main trau­ma­tised after re­cent events!

There’s trou­ble brew­ing when a fu­ri­ous Pol­lard re­alises that Gerry hasn’t paid his bill at the B&B!

Liar Ly­dia fears her tall tales will be ex­posed and she’ll have some ex­plain­ing to do…

Pres­sure! Ly­ing Ly­dia is un­der pres­sure when a res­o­lute Rishi won’t be put off and re­mains de­ter­mined to meet ‘Una’…

Bad lad Gerry is up to his old tricks and he swipes a bot­tle of vodka from the B&B, which fails to im­press Liv.

Po­lice! The po­lice ar­rive in the vil­lage… But who have they come to see and why?

Liv and Gabby are sur­prised to find Gerry stay­ing at Aaron’s flat, and Gabby’s head is quickly turned when Gerry of­fers them booze and she sug­gests they bunk off school.

Pas­sion! Vanessa is ac­ci­den­tally locked in the cel­lar of The Wool­pack with Char­ity, and a few friendly drinks lead to a brief kiss… and some se­ri­ous pas­sion!

Zak takes ac­tion when he fears some­thing has hap­pened be­tween Liv and Gerry.

Em­bar­rassed! It’s the hun­gover morn­ing after the night be­fore and Vanessa strug­gles to es­cape The Wool­pack’s cel­lar with­out be­ing seen… Will she be forced to re­veal what went on be­tween her and Char­ity?

A con­cerned Paddy gives Vanessa some ad­vice… But will it work?

Week 2

Propo­si­tion! Vanessa re­mains em­bar­rassed about her pas­sion­ate li­ai­son with Char­ity... What ac­tions will she take to prove she’s straight?

Wor­ried! Robert’s wor­ried about a busi­ness mat­ter and he voices his con­cerns… But will any­one lis­ten? Vanessa is the talk of the vil­lage.

Cu­ri­ous! Dan’s in­trigued by some un­usual be­hav­iour from his brother Daz… But what’s re­ally go­ing on?

Guest! An un­ex­pected guest causes a bit of a scene… Who’s in­volved, though? Robert puts a new scheme into ac­tion.

For­give­ness! Two res­i­dents plead with an­other to give some­body a sec­ond chance.

Deb­bie loses her pa­tience with one of the lo­cals… But why?

Vanessa and Char­ity hit the whisky when they get locked in the cel­lar… Cain is knocked by re­cent events and talks to Zac over a beer... Rishi’s cu­ri­ous to meet Ly­dia’s new em­ployee. How long can she stall him? Har­riet is racked with guilt over re­cent...

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