Soaplife - - 2 weeks Revealed -

Week 1

Wed­ding! There’s heart­break and anger at Gary and Terese’s wed­ding when she tells her groom that she slept with Paul, be­fore head­ing straight to Paul’s pent­house, only to find him with his new fi­ancée... Court­ney!

En­emy! Terese is en­emy num­ber one for the Can­nings, while Gary races round to Paul’s place to at­tack his love ri­val. Paul’s kids are sus­pi­cious of Court­ney. Mr Uda­gawa sells his Las­siters’ shares to Paul... mak­ing him Terese’s boss!

Fu­ri­ous! Tim Collins is fu­ri­ous about his daugh­ter’s re­la­tion­ship with Paul, while Leo won­ders if Court­ney is flirt­ing with him.

Court­ney makes Terese’s life dif­fi­cult in her new man­age­rial role at Las­siters.

Hamish plants drugs at the health cen­tre.

Risk! Drugs found at the Well­ness Cen­tre put the project at risk, lead­ing Amy to tell Tim Collins she will do any­thing in re­turn for him spik­ing his news­pa­per ex­posé... Toadie spies on pals Sam and Sonya. Karl grows wary of pa­tient Hamish.

Love! Toadie asks Sonya to prove she loves him by meet­ing him by the lake at sun­rise, but as she’s pre­par­ing to leave, she slips and is knocked un­con­scious... Aaron ques­tions Tyler about Hamish. Hamish’s love­mak­ing en­thralls Sheila.

Week 2

Un­con­scious! Toadie thinks he’s been stood up, while Sonya lies un­con­scious... Gary ex­acts his re­venge on Terese. Amy fol­lows Tom’s or­ders to try and break up Court­ney and Paul. Will it work?

Hu­mil­i­ated! Terese con­sid­ers sack­ing Gary after he hu­mil­i­ated her at work. Elly’s ac­tions sees Paige and Mark kiss. Paul and Tim ar­gue about Court­ney.

Kinky! Des­per­ate to fund the Well­ness Cen­tre, Amy makes a call... Does she plan to re­turn to her kinky clean­ing ca­reer? Louise is rushed to hos­pi­tal... Piper learns about Tyler’s travel plans.

Fight­ing! Louise is fight­ing for her life... what has Hamish done? Tyler’s trip leaves Piper fear­ful. Hamish cov­ers his tracks.

Re­united! An emo­tional Toadie and Sonya are fi­nally re­united as a cou­ple after she’s dis­charged from hos­pi­tal. Court­ney gets sug­ges­tive with Leo. The com­mu­nity cel­e­brate Di­wali.

Shock: It’s Gary and Terese’s big day, but some­thing’s wrong… Rev­e­la­tion: Piper, Paige and the guests are left aghast Big news: Paul an­nounces his en­gage­ment to Court­ney

Wait­ing game: Toadie hangs on for Sonya, but she’s in trou­ble

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