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Soaplife - - 2 weeks Revealed -

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Stran­gle! Ma­son is dis­charged from hos­pi­tal but can’t con­tain his anger to­wards Brody – and at­tempts to stran­gle him!

Ash ad­mits to Justin he has fallen for Tori and asks for his ap­proval in dat­ing her.

Ziggy mod­els for Olivia’s fash­ion web­site.

Peace! Brody and Ma­son make peace on an emo­tional visit to their par­ents’ grave.

A randy Ziggy and Brody are busted to­gether when Justin re­turns home early.

Un­aware he has feel­ings for her, Tori tells Ash they should just be friends.

Fall! Coco’s con­tin­ued binge-eat­ing sees her faint and fall down some steps...

Brody in­forms a wor­ried Justin that he has re­ceived a court sum­mons.

Scar­lett agrees to rep­re­sent Brody in court when he learns he could face jail.

Se­cret! Robbo finds Coco, who is taken to hos­pi­tal where tests bring to light her poor diet. Is her eat­ing-dis­or­der se­cret out?

After his hero­ics, Robbo and Kat get pas­sion­ate and spend the night to­gether.

VJ helps re­unite pals Raffy and Coco.

Bul­let! Foren­sics link Robbo to a boat found in the bay with blood and bul­let holes in it...

Olivia’s web­site goes live – but has Mar­i­lyn placed an or­der out of pity?

Beth and Ma­son en­joy a ro­man­tic date.

Week 2

Gun! Po­lice dis­cover that a gun on the boat be­longs to Dy­lan Carter, Kat’s ex.

Cops quiz Robbo about the in­ci­dent on the boat, which they be­lieve led to a death.

Ash ru­ins Tori’s date with a new guy.

Health! Beth’s health de­te­ri­o­rates while out with Ma­son. Will she live? Po­lice think Robbo killed Dy­lan... Ash tells Tori he has feel­ings for her.

Cancer! Tori re­vives cancer-suf­ferer Beth but wor­ries about Ma­son’s feel­ings for her.

Ben con­fronts Ziggy and Brody when he finds a con­dom wrap­per in the trash.

VJ tells Leah he only sees Coco as a pal.

Rift! Not want­ing to cause a rift in her fam­ily, Brody breaks up with a dev­as­tated Ziggy.

Olivia’s launch party is a dis­as­ter when Raffy’s drink is spiked and po­lice ar­rive.

Stabbed! Kat in­ves­ti­gates when a man called Jay claims Brody stabbed him... Olivia at­tracts neg­a­tive pub­lic­ity after her party – but is it all bad news? Raffy opens up about her in­se­cu­ri­ties.

Love ac­tu­ally: Ash opens up to Tori about his feel­ings for her Head­ing for prison? Anx­ious Justin snatches Brody’s court sum­mons

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