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True, Linda Carter has had a lot on her plate the past few weeks. Mainly it’s been hus­band Mick’s ap­peal to other women, such as daugh­ter-in-law Whit­ney and pub boss Fi Brown­ing. Plus there was son Johnny be­ing shot by trau­ma­tised Ted Mur­ray fol­lowed by the am­bu­lance crash.

But, still, at some point since her re­turn, Linda re­ally should have found the time to tell Mick that when she was away she wasn’t just look­ing after her poorly mum… be­cause while she was gone Linda had treat­ment for cer­vi­cal cancer.

Woody Wood­ward knows Linda’s se­cret, so does Jack Bran­ning. Jack also knows that Linda was given the all-clear at a hos­pi­tal check-up a cou­ple of weeks ago be­cause he was with her!

And, wor­ry­ingly for Linda, that’s some­thing else Mick doesn’t know…

this fort­night

Life for Mick and his ‘L’ is feel­ing more nor­mal than it has for months. At least, Mick thinks it is. ‘But Woody spots that Linda is in pain,’ our Easten­ders in­sider re­veals. Is she sick? Wor­ried Woody tells Linda she has to talk to Mick but Linda doesn’t want to, not be­cause she doesn’t love him, but be­cause she loves him so much and she doesn’t want to spoil things. ‘But Linda also ad­mits to Woody that the symp­toms she has now are the same as the ones she had when she dis­cov­ered she had cancer,’ adds our source. What? She’s only just been given the all-clear! But she was warned the cancer could re­turn. So Linda needs to know if it has – but there’s a five-week wait for an ap­point­ment. Surely she won’t carry on kid­ding Mick that ev­ery­thing’s com­pletely fine? No. She fi­nally tells him the truth. ‘Mick clocks that Linda’s not well and she con­fesses she had cancer and she’s scared it has re­turned,’ says our source. That bomb­shell pre­dictably blows Mick’s world apart, but he leaps into ac­tion and gets Linda to a doc­tor. It’s af­ter­wards that Mick is heart­bro­ken and fu­ri­ous, when he finds out that Woody has known all along about Linda’s cancer…

What next?

Mick al­ready doesn’t like Woody, now he’s go­ing to hate him. But it’s how he feels about Linda that could be more wor­ry­ing. Can he for­give her for not con­fid­ing in him from the start? We’re not so sure. And, while he’s hurt and vul­ner­a­ble, will Fi swoop to of­fer com­fort of a sex­ual na­ture? Very pos­si­bly!

Mick’s sym­pa­thy turns to anger when he learns Woody al­ready knew!

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