Panic for Michelle and Jane Easten­ders

Jane has sur­vived the restau­rant fire…but will Max let her stay alive?

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Jane Beale was left for dead in a burn­ing Beale’s restau­rant by Max Bran­ning, after she’d worked out his re­venge plot.

Con­fess­ing he was go­ing after ev­ery­one who framed him for Lucy Beale’s mur­der, Max es­caped the blaze – leav­ing Jane to siz­zle just like one of Ian’s burg­ers…

Ex­cept she sur­vived Max’s mur­der at­tempt and has been in a coma for weeks.

Ter­ri­fied she’ll wake up and blow the whis­tle on his wicked plan, Max has al­ready tried to fin­ish Mrs Beale off by twist­ing her oxy­gen tube.

Since that was scup­pered at the last minute, Max has been dread­ing the mo­ment Jane opens her eyes…

this fort­night

Doc­tors de­cide the time has come to re­move Jane’s breath­ing tube, and while Ian prays his mis­sus will wake and start talk­ing, Max is hop­ing for the com­plete op­po­site!

‘The tube is taken away and as Ian and Sharon leave the room, Max lurks,’ teases our Easten­ders source.

‘With Ian needed else­where in the Square, Max of­fers to stay with Jane,

who wakes to find her­self alone with Max,’ con­tin­ues our spy. ‘Is Jane safe?’

Alone with the man who tried to kill her, who’d stop at noth­ing to keep her quiet? ‘Safe’ doesn’t come to mind!

What next?

As the fire took hold in the restau­rant all those weeks ago, ter­ri­fied Jane told Max he wasn’t a mur­derer and begged him to help her – sec­onds be­fore he left her to burn!

Mur­der­ous mad Max crossed a line when he de­cided to let Jane per­ish, and is ca­pa­ble of any­thing.

But Mrs Beale has been un­con­scious for weeks – so she might not even re­mem­ber what hap­pened.

What if she awoke with no mem­ory of Max’s mis­chief – or she pre­tended not to just to pro­tect her­self?

And the fam­ily now know Steven Beale lied about his tu­mour, but Jane could re­veal the whole story – in­clud­ing Max’s in­volve­ment.

That’s if she doesn’t have am­ne­sia. Or if Max doesn’t smother her with a pil­low…

Is Jane in danger when she wakes up to find Max loom­ing over her? How much could Jane tell Ian and Sharon about the fire – and Max?

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