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One thing you shouldn’t do be­fore your wed­ding day is sleep with a man who’s not your fi­ancé… But that’s what Terese Willis has done. ‘Her guilt about Paul Robin­son is too much. Gary is a good man, she has be­trayed his trust and she feels she can’t start mar­ried life with a lie,’ ac­tress Rebekah Elmaloglou tells Soaplife. But has she also de­vel­oped deep feel­ings for Paul?

What are her feel­ings for the two men?

Terese adores Gary, but she also feels a real con­nec­tion with Paul. She’s so con­flicted and very con­fused.

Then Paul re­turns to Erins­bor­ough shortly be­fore the wed­ding…

And Terese has a dream in which she’s pos­i­tive he’s come back to put a stop to the wed­ding. She still pre­pares to go ahead with the wed­ding, but then...

Yes? What?

When she sees Gary stand­ing there, clearly so ex­cited about their fu­ture, it just kills her and she knows she can’t go into the mar­riage hid­ing this enor­mous se­cret. She con­fesses and Gary is dev­as­tated – and then he’s fu­ri­ous.

And it turns out Paul is now en­gaged to Court­ney Grixti!

Terese is ab­so­lutely shocked to see Paul with Court­ney… She never saw that com­ing and it shakes her to the core – even though she main­tains she didn’t call off the wed­ding be­cause of Paul.

And Court­ney is her new boss!

Terese is so dis­il­lu­sioned and things re­ally couldn’t get worse for her. She now has two new bosses, Paul and Court­ney.

What does the fu­ture now hold for Terese?

Terese is a fighter, but the road ahead is a tough one. She’s dis­ap­pointed in her­self and she knows she’s dis­ap­pointed those she loves – and now she has to con­tend with Court­ney, too!

By Ali­son James

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