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Moira Bar­ton fought for her life in a barn fire when crazed killer Emma Bar­ton tried to mur­der her.

Moira’s son, Adam, and his wife, Vic­to­ria, saw the blaze and raced to the scene. Adam spot­ted Emma, with blood on her hands, and he chased after her, armed with a gun, while Vic­to­ria called an am­bu­lance for strug­gling Moira.

But Adam learnt there was no stop­ping deadly Emma. She got hold of his gun, then ran into the woods... and a shot was fired and some­one was se­ri­ously in­jured.

‘Death will visit the Dales,’ said our Em­merdale source. But whose time is up? Mean­while, Moira’s fight for life was far from over… and it might not have just been her life she was fight­ing for!

After Lawrence White’s blood test re­sults mix-up, which said he was preg­nant, re­ports sug­gested that it was, in fact, Moira who was expecting. After all, she was see­ing the doc­tor the day Robert Sug­den swapped the blood sam­ples to hide the fact that he was drug­ging Lawrence. And she did bonk Cain Din­gle and Pete Bar­ton nine months ago.

this fort­night

The vil­lage is in shock after it’s hit by tragic news. But, as our pic­ture shows, Moira has sur­vived the fire. She looks very anx­ious, though…

Is she wor­ried for some­one else be­sides her­self? Maybe she’s wor­ried for one of the peo­ple the po­lice want to talk to.

‘Of­fi­cers start to ar­rive in Em­merdale as the res­i­dents strug­gle to come to terms with events,’ says our in­sider.

One per­son feel­ing guilty is vicar Har­riet Finch. But why?

Is it any­thing to do with news that, ac­cord­ing to our source, ‘knocks Cain Din­gle for six’?

And does Cain’s news have some­thing to do with why Moira looks so wor­ried?

What next?

Cain could rush to Moira’s side in hos­pi­tal. Moira felt Cain let her down with her ad­dict daugh­ter, Holly. He wouldn’t want her to feel like that again. And she did tell Cain she still loves him.

Could this tragedy see the for­mer mar­rieds re­unite? Or will the fall­out see new crises and agony for them?

‘There are some mas­sive twists,’ said Moira ac­tress Natalie J Robb when talk­ing about the barn fire and the shoot­ing. She then teased: ‘The fire is just the be­gin­ning!’

We’re not al­lowed to re­veal what those twists are or what long-term ef­fects they will have.

But with an anx­ious-look­ing Moira still in hos­pi­tal, the po­lice ar­riv­ing in the vil­lage to speak to some­body and Cain in shock, we reckon there are more sur­prises to come as the fall­out from the barn fire and shoot­ing con­tin­ues.

And we can’t wait!

Twisted, jeal­ous Emma con­fronted Moira, blam­ing her for James’ death… The barn blaze could have killed Moira and Emma, but they man­aged to sur­vive… Cain is stunned by some news… Is he go­ing to leave Har­riet and run to Moira?

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