Char­ity and Vanessa kiss Em­merdale

Locked in To­gether with a bot­tle of whisky, char­ity makes a sur­prise move on vanessa!

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Char­ity Din­gle is a woman with few friends and no love life, and that has been wind­ing her up lately.

But des­per­a­tion and wicked­ness are not at­trac­tive qual­i­ties in a woman – and Char­ity reeks of both.

She prac­ti­cally threw her­self at hand­some mon­ey­bags Tom Water­house, and she was bit­terly dis­ap­pointed that he wanted to catch her daugh­ter, Deb­bie.

And she’s still liv­ing down her part in the nasty scam with Megan Macey that was meant to put re­formed con­man Frank Clay­ton back in prison. His daughters, Vanessa Wood­field and Tracy Met­calfe, hate her for that.

Or, at least, one of them does…

this fort­night

It would seem that all that nasty busi­ness with Frank has served as some kind of fore­play be­tween Char­ity and Vanessa, as they end up in each other’s arms!

The Wool­pack is host­ing a spe­cial event, which is why Vanessa is dressed like a su­per­hero. And, as a caped cru­sader, she de­cides to tackle Char­ity about her fight with Frank…

That’s how they end up in the pub cel­lar to­gether, where they are ac­ci­den­tally locked in.

‘And Char­ity finds out just how an­gry Vanessa is be­cause she nearly got Frank thrown into jail,’ re­veals Emma Atkins, who plays the wicked Char­ity. ‘They wind each other up, then Char­ity opens a bot­tle of whisky as it’s the only way she can stand to be shut in with Vanessa.’ Well… not the only way, as it turns out. Their anger turns to pas­sion and, be­fore Vanessa knows what has hit her, she’s lock­ing lips with Char­ity!

‘Vanessa is a lit­tle un­nerved by it,’ adds Emma. ‘And Char­ity likes that.’ But does she re­ally like Vanessa? ‘They’re an in­ter­est­ing match as they are strong women from op­po­site ends of the spec­trum,’ says Emma. ‘And I have no idea how long it will last.’

What next?

Well, it lasts long enough to make Vanessa feel very awk­ward around her friends. Her fling with Rhona Goskirk caused all sorts of prob­lems and she doesn’t want to start ru­mours. It could be too late, though…

Char­ity doesn’t feel as though she has any­thing to hide. But, then, Vanessa is the sec­ond fe­male vet she has, er, vet­ted. Re­mem­ber Zoe Tate in 2001?

And Char­ity could see hav­ing a bit of fun with Vanessa as the per­fect way to get back at Frank…

Locked in the pub cel­lar with Vanessa, away from a spe­cial event, Char­ity gets drunké

...soon Char­ity makes a move – but can Vanessa mask her true feel­ings?

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