Shona’s fears about Dane Cor­rie

Shona’s ex, Dane, makes life very dan­ger­ous for her – and those around her, re­veals Ju­lia Gould­ing

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Shona Ramsey’s scratch­card win has turned out to be very dan­ger­ous, as it has dragged her ex, Dane Hibbs, out from un­der his rock and he has de­manded that she hands over her win­nings.

‘Shona just wants Dane out of her life for good and naively thinks the way to do this is by hav­ing her new fella, David Platt, meet him,’ ac­tress Ju­lia Gould­ing tells Soaplife. Oh, she’s so wrong…

What hap­pens when David and Dane meet?

Dane taunts David. The fi­nal straw is when he says some­thing very nasty about David’s dead wife, Kylie, who was killed by Dane and Shona’s son, Clay­ton. David flies at him in a rage.

So then Dane turns on David’s chil­dren, doesn’t he?

Yes. He jumps into the car with the kids and locks the doors. Shona pan­ics be­cause she knows how cal­lous, ruth­less and mean Dane can be.

Why is Dane de­ter­mined to cause trou­ble for Shona?

He hates that Shona is happy and able to move on. It’s not be­cause he is jeal­ous or any­thing, he just doesn’t want to see her en­joy­ing life. He wants to keep con­trol over her – as he has since their son was born.

Shona must feel that when­ever she tries to make a clean break, the past comes back to haunt her?!

Yes. She could have as lit­tle con­tact as pos­si­ble with Dane but, of course, Clay­ton is her son so there are emo­tional ties there. It isn’t as sim­ple as just putting the past be­hind her be­cause the Clay­ton thing is al­ways go­ing to come up but she just wants to for­get about Dane.

Do you think that David and Shona are a good match?

They give as good as they get. It’s the first time that Shona has ever had some­one who makes her laugh and is kind. And Shona is light re­lief for David after all the mis­ery he’s been through. I do think he gen­uinely likes her, so I re­ally hope there is a fu­ture for them but it won’t be a smooth ride if there is.

By Ali­son James

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