Joel could lose Cleo Hol­lyoaks

Joel has found true love with Cleo – but his dark se­cret is creep­ing to the sur­face, re­veals Rory Dou­glas-speed

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Life out­side of the priest­hood is so far prov­ing en­joy­able for Joel Dex­ter. He’s moved into the Mc­queens’ with Cleo and he’s feel­ing loved-up. But the big skele­ton in his closet – Bart Mcqueen’s mur­der – has started to rat­tle loudly. ‘And things are about to heat up very quickly,’ ac­tor Rory Dou­glas-speed tells Soaplife. ‘Joel is ter­ri­fied of Cleo find­ing out about his soul-de­stroy­ing se­crets.’

How does Joel feel about his new life?

He has no re­grets about leav­ing the priest­hood. He is very happy with the de­ci­sion. He has got the girl and there’s no guilt there. He’s moved into the Mc­queens’ and it’s all plain sail­ing.

Does it feel odd be­ing there and know­ing what hap­pened to Bart?

Yes. There is a lot of guilt and re­sent­ment there over what hap­pened to Bart. It is all go­ing to come out at some point and it’s go­ing to be re­ally tough for Joel.

Is he afraid that War­ren will find out the truth about Katy’s death?

Yes! He is ter­ri­fied of that be­cause if War­ren finds out it could re­sult in Joel’s death.

Why is he go­ing to Tan­za­nia?

Well, it gives him the chance to spend time alone with Cleo and help the com­mu­nity. It’s very crowded at the Mc­queens’, so it will be good to get away. It’s also a means of get­ting away from all the trou­ble. At one point, when things get a bit tricky, he and Cleo con­sider bring­ing the trip for­ward.

While we know that Cleo is preg­nant, Joel re­mains in the dark…

And he’ll be shocked when he finds out! He has only re­cently stopped be­ing celi­bate, but he’s a good guy. What they have is true love. They have this in­cred­i­ble rap­port. They’ve both been through so much and there is a strong con­nec­tion there.

How long will the re­la­tion­ship last?

We don’t know, but it will be a roller coaster ride. I hope it lasts as I love work­ing with Na­dine Mulk­er­rin, who plays Cleo. I’m so lucky as I have been paired with Na­dine, Jamie Lo­mas [War­ren] and Anna Passey [Si­enna]. As you can imag­ine, I’m hav­ing a ball. I’ve had such great, in­tense sto­ry­lines since I joined and I just hope they keep on com­ing.

By Sally Brock­way

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