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Adam Bar­low has been feel­ing pleased with him­self since Johnny and Ai­dan Con­nor re­turned from their dra­mafilled dou­ble wed­ding day to even more Weather­field woe… The Un­der­world fac­tory had been stripped bare, roof and all.

How that was man­aged in broad day­light still re­mains a mys­tery. But Ai­dan is cer­tain his bride-not-to-be, Eva Price, had a hand in the dis­ap­pear­ing trick…

this fort­night

Johnny and Ai­dan start to piece to­gether the puz­zle of their miss­ing fac­tory when they see Alya Nazir and Beth Suther­land tak­ing de­liv­ery of a sec­ond-hand sewing ma­chine. And their brief in­ves­ti­ga­tions lead them to Adam Bar­low!

‘Johnny and Ai­dan storm into Adam’s of­fice and they ac­cuse him of steal­ing the fac­tory’s equip­ment,’ our Cor­rie in­sider tells us.

And what ev­i­dence do they have to back up their ac­cu­sa­tion? Adam’s busi­ness card, which they found at the place sell­ing the fac­tory’s ma­chines. But Adam’s a lawyer and he tells them they have noth­ing on him.

And it’s true he didn’t rob the fac­tory… but he knows who did! While he puts on a brave front to Johnny and Ai­dan, he is qui­etly rat­tled by their dis­cov­ery. Adam hasn’t cov­ered his tracks as well as he should have and now he has to tread very care­fully.

What next?

Adam’s ca­reer as a lawyer will be over be­fore it’s barely be­gun if he gets done for rip­ping off Un­der­world. To pro­tect him­self, he might have to sac­ri­fice some­one else – some­one he cares about.

And that could be his part­ner-in-crime, Eva Price!

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