Billy’s on the rob! Cor­rie

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Vicar Billy May­hew tries to live by The Bible’s Ten Com­mand­ments. It’s not just his job – to Billy it’s a way of life.

He be­came his part­ner tricky Todd Grimshaw’s moral com­pass and now that they’re guardians of Billy’s god­daugh­ter, Sum­mer Spell­man, he’s try­ing to make them into a happy fam­ily.

With all that on his plate, you wouldn’t think Billy would go look­ing for trou­ble, would you? But he does…

this fort­night

Billy breaks one of those Ten Com­mand­ments when he de­cides to play Robin Hood!

‘Billy knows the fac­tory ma­chin­ists are strug­gling and he tells Todd he thinks Adam Bar­low should help them out as it’s his fault they’re out of work,’ our Cor­rie in­sider tells us. ‘But Adam doesn’t agree.’

That doesn’t stop Billy, though. He sees an en­ve­lope stuffed with cash on Adam’s desk and he takes it! Yes, he steals! But only so he can di­vide up the money and stuff it through the let­ter­boxes of Un­der­world’s hard-up knicker-stitch­ers.

Still, steal­ing is sin­ning – and it’s against the law, as hor­ri­fied Todd points out when he hears what Billy has done… And it wasn’t even Adam’s money! Billy’s shocked when Todd says the cash was Shona Ramsey’s scratch­card win. Whoops! Now what’s Billy go­ing to do? It sounds as though Billy buck­les un­der the pres­sure of his crime – and the re­spon­si­bil­ity of tak­ing care of Sum­mer…

What next?

‘We have a very dark story for Billy, which will have a big im­pact on an­other main fam­ily on the Street and that will run into Christ­mas,’ re­veals Cor­rie boss Kate Oates.

We sus­pect that other fam­ily is the Bar­lows as Sum­mer’s at­tempt to fit in at school (see page 33) goes badly wrong and Billy at­tacks Peter! So, vi­o­lence and theft!

When Adam re­jects Billy’s plea for him to help the fac­tory work­ers, Billy makes an il­le­gal cash with­drawal...

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