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Char­ity’s new at­trac­tion is Vanessa! What’s she play­ing at? Emma Atkins re­veals all…

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Char­ity has a new love in­ter­est – and it’s an­other vet, an­other fe­male vet! Re­mem­ber her af­fair with her sis­ter-in-law Zoe Tate? Well, hav­ing sali­vated in Tom Water­house’s direc­tion for a bit, Char­ity now turns her at­ten­tions to Vanessa Wood­field! The pair en­joy a steamy clinch after get­ting locked in the cel­lar at The Wool­pack dur­ing a vil­lage event. ‘Char­ity toys with Vanessa,’ Emma Atkins tells Soaplife. ‘She’s the one who makes the move. She takes ad­van­tage as they are both drunk.’ Well, that’ll give the gos­sips some­thing to en­joy with their cof­fee!

What did you think when you heard Char­ity was to kiss Vanessa?

I was quite shocked, but it was an ex­cit­ing sur­prise. I haven’t worked closely with Michelle Hard­wick [who plays Vanessa] be­fore. She and Char­ity haven’t re­ally had much to do with each other. It’s ex­tremely left field, which I like. Char­ity likes to shock and the con­nec­tion with Frank [Vanessa’s dad and Char­ity’s ex] will be ex­cit­ing for her. There’s a lot of scope for provo­ca­tion!

How do they end up in the cel­lar?

The cel­lar door is bro­ken. Char­ity goes down­stairs to change a bar­rel and Vanessa comes down there drunk. The door slams and they are trapped. There is loud mu­sic play­ing up­stairs, so no­body can hear them call for help.

What do they talk about?

There is a lot of in­ter­est­ing di­a­logue be­cause they are poles apart. They don’t like each other and there’s a lot of ten­sion. They wind each other up.

How does the kiss hap­pen?

Char­ity en­joys the mo­ment. They are ar­gu­ing and Vanessa is telling Char­ity that she’s mean. She asks her how she can live with her­self. That eats away at Char­ity, but she doesn’t want to let it show. She gets up close and per­sonal with Vanessa, to un­nerve her. They are sit­ting on this arm­chair to­gether and Char­ity catches Vanessa off-guard. She kisses her and she re­sponds will­ingly and sud­denly they are in a heated em­brace!

Will Char­ity want it to progress?

Well, Char­ity is at a loose end. She has no man to keep her oc­cu­pied. She’d like to be go­ing around in a big fast car with lots of money, but she is run­ning a pub. She is seiz­ing the mo­ment and mak­ing life less bor­ing and she re­ally doesn’t care whose feath­ers she ruf­fles along the way! By Sally Brock­way

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