Phe­lan’s deadly plans… Cor­rie

Phe­lan comes to a Fi­nal de­ci­sion about deal­ing with his hostages! and, yes, there’s more than one! and he has that gun, too...

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Pat Phe­lan is not a man to cross. Just ask his des­per­ate cel­lar-dwelling hostage, Andy Carver! There was good news for Andy, though, who of­fered to com­mit a crime for Phe­lan to se­cure his free­dom. Phe­lan pon­dered the deal, then promised Andy he’d soon be free and, chill­ingly, he re­vealed he had a re­place­ment hostage lined up… But who?

Re­cently, the bully-boy builder has warned Daniel Os­bourne not to poke his nose into his busi­ness, and he dis­cov­ered Mrs Mcar­dle, the sweet old lady Daniel vis­ited, was the mum of his for­mer busi­ness as­so­ciate, Vinny Ash­ford.

Vinny now knows that Phe­lan knows who his mum is and where she is… and there’s a se­ri­ous score to set­tle af­ter Vinny ripped him off and fled the UK.

Phe­lan’s also been pol­ish­ing that gun and he’s hid­den it at No 11. And we don’t think he’s done that be­cause he plans to give it to his wife Eileen as an early Christ­mas present!

this fort­night

It looks like Vinny could be the new hostage when the con­cerned con man ar­rives to see his mum.

‘Vinny calls at the care home, but there’s no sign of his mother,’ re­veals our in­sider at Cor­rie. ‘In­stead, he sees the one man he wished he’d never see again!’ And he’s not there for a catch-up over a cup of tea! ‘Phe­lan doesn’t waste any time with niceties and he warns Vinny that he won’t see his mother again... un­less he pays him back all the money he stole from him,’ con­tin­ues our source.

Else­where, it seems there’s ma­jor trou­ble brew­ing closer to home when Anna Win­dass and Phe­lan’s daugh­ter, Ni­cola Ruben­stein, find them­selves both wait­ing at the hospi­tal.

‘Ni­cola warms to Anna and she re­veals she’s preg­nant,’ says our in­sider. ‘Anna then re­veals the truth about how Phe­lan forced her to have sex.’

Ni­cola, of course, has heard Anna bad­mouth her dad be­fore. But Anna’s story sud­denly gains new cred­i­bil­ity when Ni­cola vis­its her mum’s old friend, Ly­dia, who tells her Phe­lan raped her mother, too.

Later, Phe­lan re­turns from see­ing Vinny and finds Ni­cola up­set. Then he finds out why when Ni­cola re­veals what she knows…

Now that Ni­cola knows what type of man he is, is Phe­lan about lose the daugh­ter he’s just found? And does that mean Phe­lan will take des­per­ate steps to en­sure no more murky skele­tons can come crawl­ing out of that very large closet he owns that is filled with them?

We’re told that Vinny is left yelling for help and a ter­ri­fied Andy’s left cow­er­ing in the van…

And that doesn’t sound very good!

What next?

Cor­rie are keep­ing de­tails of ex­actly who ends up in the cel­lar as Andy’s re­place­ment strictly un­der wraps. But view­ers are promised ‘a dra­matic week of episodes’ as ‘Phe­lan adds to his hostage tally’, be­fore tak­ing ‘re­venge on one who pre­vi­ously wronged him’.

Our in­sider also re­veals: ‘Phe­lan makes a fi­nal de­ci­sion about the fu­ture of his hostages!’

That clearly means there’s now more than one and, to us, that ‘fi­nal’ could well sug­gest ‘fa­tal’. We reckon that gun is about to get fired. As we re­port on pages 12 and 13, he causes yet more mis­ery for Anna by fram­ing her for at­tempted mur­der! So we reckon it’s not her. Not yet… And we don’t think he’ll kill Ni­cola. So that leaves Andy, Daniel, Vinny’s mum and Vinny… and we don’t rate their chances of sur­vival. Stay tuned! This could be the soap Hal­loween chiller to end them all!

First with all the news on all the hottest stars and big­gest sto­ries!

Shock No 1! Fam­ily friend Ly­dia tells Ni­cola that Phe­lan raped her now long-dead mother, as well.. Shock No 2! Phe­lan needs to think fast when Ni­cola con­fronts him with Ly­dia’s ac­cu­sa­tions...

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