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What an en­trance baby Isaac made into the world, de­liv­ered dur­ing a rag­ing fire by Emma Bar­ton, who just min­utes ear­lier had been try­ing to mur­der his mum, Moira Bar­ton, who wasn’t even ex­pect­ing him!

All of which was fol­lowed by more life-and-death drama when Emma stole Isaac, then left him in the vil­lage church for him to be re­united with his trau­ma­tised mother while Emma was plung­ing to her death off Hot­ten viaduct.

Then came a DNA test, which showed, as Cain Din­gle sus­pected, that he is Isaac’s fa­ther, not Pete Bar­ton.

Good news for shell-shocked Moira at last! Ex­cept she’s not at all happy…

this fort­night

Moira’s re­ally strug­gling with baby Isaac and she’s snap­ping at any­one who goes near her.

‘Isaac won’t stop cry­ing and Moira’s wor­ried,’ our Em­merdale in­sider tells us. ‘The doc­tor tells her it’s colic, but Moira doesn’t be­lieve him and, des­per­ate for help, she rushes the baby to hospi­tal.’ And she leaves him there! ‘Moira’s just feel­ing so over­whelmed,’ ex­plains our source. ‘She aban­dons Isaac and she goes home.’

But a shocked Faith Din­gle re­alises what Moira has done and she takes her back to her baby, cov­er­ing for Moira with the sus­pi­cious medics.

The good news is that Moira is al­lowed to take Isaac home. The bad news is that Moira’s be­hav­iour could in­volve so­cial ser­vices. And they could de­cide that she’s in no fit state to look af­ter her baby boy.

‘The woman is just numb,’ says Moira ac­tress Natalie J Robb of her char­ac­ter. ‘She’s still in shock about ac­tu­ally hav­ing Isaac!’ So she should let Cain help! ‘Cain is still with vicar Har­riet Finch at this point,’ adds Natalie (but maybe not for much longer! See page 23).

‘So Moira has been push­ing Cain away. She knows he’s in love with Har­riet and is try­ing not to get in be­tween them.

‘The fact Isaac is Cain’s baby changes ab­so­lutely noth­ing for Moira. And she doesn’t take kindly to Har­riet try­ing to get Cain to help her. She’d rather do it on her own.’

But Moira clearly isn’t cop­ing and, if she wants to keep Isaac, she’d bet­ter ad­mit that... fast!

What next?

Moira’s clearly strug­gling to bond with Isaac. Maybe bond­ing again with Cain is what she re­ally needs to help bring out the mum in her that she wants to be.

But af­ter all they’ve been through, can they re­unite to raise Isaac? We’d love it!

Check it out! See our ex­clu­sive in­ter­view with Moira ac­tress Natalie J Robb on

Moira makes the medics sus­pi­cious when she leaves Isaac at the hos­pi­talé

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