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Smooth op­er­a­tor Luke Brown­ing’s nicely tai­lored feathers were ruf­fled when he re­alised his new boyfriend Ben Mitchell’s mother is Kathy Beale. Ben, though, has no idea that Luke is the son of James Will­mott-brown, the man who raped his mother in 1988.

Ben thought his dad Phil Mitchell’s tem­per tantrum at the fam­ily tea party in posh Luke’s hon­our had put Luke right off him. So Ben was sur­prised when Luke asked if they could start again. Ex­cept it wasn’t re­ally Luke ask­ing… Will­mott-brown or­dered him to get close to Ben.

And now that we know Ben will be ex­it­ing Al­bert Square at the end of this year, we reckon he’s go­ing to be­come a ca­su­alty of the war twisted Will­mott-brown is wag­ing on Wal­ford!

this fort­night

Phil tells his mis­sus, Sharon, that he thinks Luke is us­ing Ben. And he’s right! He just doesn’t know why, but he soon gets some pieces of the puz­zle.

‘First, Luke takes ad­van­tage of his re­la­tion­ship with Ben to get to Jay and then of­fer to buy the car lot Phil gave him,’ our En­ders in­sider re­veals.

‘Luke then makes some ex­cit­ing sug­ges­tions to Ben about ex­pand­ing his garage busi­ness to a dif­fer­ent clien­tele. And that’s when Phil re­ally sits up and starts to take no­tice.’

But can Phil put the pieces of the puz­zle to­gether and see the big­ger pic­ture, which is, of course, that there’s a lot more at stake than just the car lot and garage?

And even if he did, would Ben lis­ten to him? Or would he just think that Phil doesn’t like his taste in men?

what next?

Of course, there is the tini­est pos­si­bil­ity Ben will leave by elop­ing with Luke. But the re­al­ity is more likely to be that Ben will get his heart bro­ken when he dis­cov­ers who Luke is… And, in a big­ger tragedy, Luke could be or­dered to kill Ben dur­ing Will­mott-brown’s bit­ter bat­tle.

Luke asks Ben for a sec­ond chance… But what does he re­ally want from Kathy’s son?

Luke wants to buy the car lot, but will Jay want to sell it to him?

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