Deb­bie’s new drama Em­merdale

Deb­bie is out­bid for the vil­lage house by a mys­tery woman!

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Re­mem­ber when Deb­bie Din­gle was liv­ing in France and she de­cided she was never re­turn­ing to Em­merdale, so she sold Mul­berry Cot­tage and her share of the garage busi­ness to Chrissie White? Deb­bie re­grets that now as she’s lodg­ing at Moira Bar­ton’s farm with her kids, Jack and Sarah, and strug­gling to buy her own home…

this fort­night

Deb­bie wants to buy a prop­erty in the vil­lage and she’s ready for the auc­tion of Ja­cob’s Fold, the cot­tage Eric Pol­lard is sell­ing to the high­est bid­der. But she has plenty of com­pe­ti­tion – and not a lot of money.

Chrissie wants the cot­tage, too, and she has very deep pock­ets… And sneaky Pol­lard is plant­ing Jimmy King among the bid­ders to push up the price!

So, when Gra­ham Fos­ter sug­gests that Deb­bie meets again with his boss, mon­ey­bags Tom Water­house, Deb­bie’s not in the mood – but she goes any­way.

‘In his ho­tel suite, Deb­bie’s ini­tially feel­ing pa­tro­n­ised by Tom,’ re­veals our Em­merdale in­sider. ‘But she even­tu­ally suc­cumbs to his charms…’

Deb­bie also dis­cusses the house auc­tion with Tom and he of­fers her a loan, but she’s de­ter­mined to win the auc­tion with­out any help from any­one.

She doesn’t, though. As the bid­ding gets un­der way, the ten­sion be­tween Deb­bie and Chrissie in­ten­si­fies. But they both lose out to a mys­tery woman, who swoops in and snaps up the cot­tage.

So, who has clev­erly out­bid them both?

What next?

Our favourite the­ory is that Tom has had an­other of his em­ploy­ees do his bid­ding and he’s bought the cot­tage, which he’ll then of­fer to Deb­bie. But there could be strings at­tached… and Deb­bie could feel com­pletely hu­mil­i­ated!

If Tom isn’t be­hind the mys­tery buyer then Em­merdale could be get­ting a new res­i­dent… Now who could that be? And could they be linked to a fa­mil­iar face?

Deb­bie meets up with Tom and soon suc­cumbs to the hunky rich man’s charms...

Home run! Pol­lard’s ec­static as he sells his cot­tage for more than Deb­bie or Chrissie can af­ford!

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