Death at the Dono­vans? Hol­lyoaks

Darcy’s Days could be num­bered as glenn gets re­venge…

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De­vi­ous Darcy Wilde thought she’d dis­posed of her big­gest threat and buried her dark­est se­cret when she left tipsy Tracey Dono­van to drown af­ter their boat bar­ney.

With Trace tak­ing a tum­ble, it looked as though the rev­e­la­tion that Darcy lied about Adam be­ing Toby’s dad would never see the light of day, and das­tardly Darce had got away with her evil an­tics.

But then Darcy’s mys­tery man, Glenn, rocked up and he was re­vealed as Adam and Jesse’s dad – and Tracey’s ex – and he’s about as much a fan of Darcy as tragic Trace was!

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Gang­ster Glenn is de­ter­mined to prove Darcy bumped off Tracey and get the bitchy blonde well away from his boys.

So it’s hardly a case of happy fam­i­lies when daddy Dono­van hosts Court­ney Camp­bell’s baby shower at Grace’s flat, and tries to get bat­tling broth­ers Adam and Jesse to bury the hatchet, only for the fam­ily to over­hear Glenn warn­ing Darcy he won’t rest un­til she’s gone!

Then Glenn gets Darcy alone! ‘Glenn of­fers to give Darcy a lift, but with an ul­te­rior mo­tive,’ re­veals our Hol­lyoaks in­sider. ‘The next day, Adam starts to panic when Darcy is nowhere to be found…’ Gulp! Has Darcy met a grue­some end at the hands of Glenn?

What next?

Glenn could have done Darcy in, but that seems too ob­vi­ous – hav­ing offed Adam’s in­ter­fer­ing mum, what if Darcy does the dou­ble and gets rid of Glenn? And what about the fear­some Grace Black, who had an affair with her step­dad and also de­tests Darcy? Has a clash be­tween Ms Wilde and Tracey’s daugh­ter re­sulted in death? Gullible Adam and Jesse could both end up caught in the cross­fire of Darcy and Glenn’s dan­ger­ous games – could one of them meet their maker? That would cer­tainly solve Darcy’s prob­lem of which brother to se­duce!

Grace steps in as Adam and Glenn clash over Darcy… Glenn is a man with a plan, though…

Court­ney’s ex­pect­ing… But Glenn’s threats ruin her baby shower

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