Ross and Cain cor­nered! Em­merdale

Har­riet has some shock news – then the po­lice Come Call­ing for Cain and Ross!

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So… Cain Din­gle knows that he’s the fa­ther of Moira Din­gle’s baby, Isaac. And ev­ery­one knows Emma Bar­ton ac­ci­den­tally shot and killed her son, Finn, be­fore she flew like an an­gel off Hot­ten viaduct.

So ev­ery­thing is now out in the open, right? Wrong...

this fort­night

Vicar Har­riet Finch shocks Cain with some news and, while his head’s still spin­ning, the po­lice turn up and make a stun­ning rev­e­la­tion.

‘Cain over­hears Har­riet telling Ross Bar­ton that she’s con­sid­er­ing mov­ing to Ox­ford,’ our Em­merdale source says.

What? When? That’s what Cain wants to know. But then the con­ver­sa­tion is in­ter­rupted by the po­lice.

In a shock twist, the po­lice re­veal they have new ev­i­dence about Emma’s death. It seems she didn’t com­mit sui­cide. She was mur­dered! ‘And the po­lice are at Cain’s garage be­cause they want to in­spect his car tyres. And not just his… they want to see Ross’ car tyres, too,’ adds our in­sider.

Which sug­gests to us that they have proof that Emma wasn’t alone on Hot­ten viaduct in her fi­nal mo­ments.

We al­ready know Ross was there as view­ers saw him run­ning away. But did he push her? Or did he ar­rive on the scene af­ter some­one else did?

What next?

Emma’s death is now a mur­der in­quiry. And Adam Bar­ton and Moira Din­gle panic when they hear the po­lice are sniff­ing around the vil­lage. We know Adam is leav­ing early next year, but he won’t be killed off. So, is he go­ing to jail for killing Emma? Or is some­one else re­spon­si­ble? We’re not sure Moira, or Ross and Pete Bar­ton have a very strong al­ibi.

Cain Din­gle and Gabby Thomas were also miss­ing. And Laurel Thomas has a score to set­tle there, too...

Cain is shocked by what Har­riet tells Ross... But what hap­pens next re­ally makes his head spin!

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