Piper and Tyler split? Neigh­bours


Soaplife - - Hot This Issue - By Alison James

With her 18th birth­day on the hori­zon, Piper Willis is hop­ing that, once she’s of­fi­cially an adult, all the fuss about the age dif­fer­ence be­tween boyfriend Tyler Bren­nan and her­self will be put to bed. Then the two soul­mates will be al­lowed to get on with their lives. Sadly, it’s not to be. ‘Piper and Tyler start go­ing through a re­ally rocky patch, but it’s got noth­ing to do with their re­spec­tive ages,’ ac­tress Mavournee Hazel tells Soaplife. ‘It’s ac­tu­ally be­cause T Bone’s back in town and Hamish Roche, Tyler’s newly dis­cov­ered dad, hap­pens to wit­ness Piper leav­ing the Back­pack­ers af­ter she’s se­cretly vis­ited T Bone.’ Hamish loses no time in telling Tyler, with the re­sult that Piper’s re­la­tion­ship is in se­ri­ous jeop­ardy.

Why doesn’t Piper tell Tyler that T Bone’s back in Erins­bor­ough?

Be­cause she doesn’t want any fuss. What hap­pened back in the spring meant noth­ing and she doesn’t see the point in telling Tyler and drag­ging it all up again.

Is that a mis­take?

Yes, it is. She’s got noth­ing to hide and she should just be hon­est. T Bone’s re­turn is the cat­a­lyst for things be­gin­ning to go very wrong for Piper and Tyler.

How does Tyler find out?

Hamish takes great plea­sure in telling him. He in­sin­u­ates that Tyler can’t trust Piper as she’s clearly hid­ing stuff from him, not least that she’s see­ing an­other man. Hamish is play­ing on Tyler’s in­se­cu­ri­ties about the re­la­tion­ship. He’s a very de­vi­ous and ma­nip­u­la­tive char­ac­ter who wants Tyler wrapped around his lit­tle fin­ger.

In ad­di­tion to this, Piper’s also feel­ing pres­sure over her ex­ams, isn’t she?

Yes. She’s re­ally stressed out about that. She’s de­ter­mined to do well, even though she has no idea what she wants to do with her life and she doesn’t know whether to take a gap year or go to univer­sity…

Will her work be af­fected if things aren’t good with Tyler?

Ab­so­lutely. If prob­lems in her re­la­tion­ship cause her to mess up her ex­ams, she’ll blame Tyler for it, even though it will ac­tu­ally be Hamish’s fault for mak­ing trou­ble in the first place!

We’re sens­ing hard times ahead for Piper and Tyler…

You sense right! It’s go­ing to get re­ally nasty. Af­ter ev­ery­thing that’s hap­pened to Piper, it can’t be long be­fore she has a Brit­ney Spears, circa 2007, melt­down!

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