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Max Bran­ning left Jane Beale to die in the restau­rant fire that nearly claimed her life. He was there when she woke in hospi­tal, too, and he warned her to keep quiet about his in­volve­ment in the blaze that ended with Steven Beale dy­ing.

Then ma­li­cious Max con­tin­ued to pile pres­sure on the be­lea­guered mum and, fol­low­ing a visit to see his evil boss, James Will­mott-brown, Max is­sued her with a fi­nal warn­ing.

A ter­ri­fied Jane re­acted by telling hus­band Ian their mar­riage was over and she planned to leave Wal­ford on her own. Ian was dev­as­tated, while Max was left doubt­ing ev­ery­thing when Jane ques­tioned his mo­tives.

But did Max also kill Jane to fin­ish off the job he started in the blaze and en­sure she’d never be in a po­si­tion to ex­pose his schemes again?

this fort­night

We’re not al­lowed to say what fate’s be­fallen Jane. We are told ‘a guilty Max strug­gles with his con­science’ fol­low­ing the shock events of the pre­vi­ous week. But he’s soon back to be­ing bad. ‘Se­cret lover Fi Brown­ing puts the pres­sure on Max and he ma­nip­u­lates girl­friend and coun­cil worker Carmel Kazemi,’ says our East­end­ers in­sider. ‘His goal is to whee­dle some in­sider in­for­ma­tion on sealed coun­cil bids out of poor, clue­less Carmel.’

But it seems guilt starts to eat away at Max, be­cause he later tells Carmel that he no longer needs her help get­ting the se­cret doc­u­ments. Then, the fol­low­ing day, it seems there’s cause for con­cern about Max’s be­hav­iour at Wey­land & Co.

‘Luke Brown­ing shares his fears about Max’s change of heart with his dad, Will­mott-brown,’ says our source. ‘That puts Fi un­der pres­sure to en­sure Max de­liv­ers on the sealed coun­cil bids, so she ap­proaches him to find out what’s go­ing on.’

Fi learns Max is wa­ver­ing over their scheme and he’s about to dump Carmel, so she tries to get him to change his mind. But Max wants to pro­tect the crys­tal-lov­ing Kazemi and he heads to No.41 to see her.

We’re guess­ing an at­tempted heart-to-heart chat where Max tries to ex­plain how the pres­sures of work are af­fect­ing him doesn’t quite go to plan. And when Carmel falls asleep, Max opens up her lap­top to find what he needs. Then he calls Will­mot­tbrown and de­mands a meet­ing to sort things out once and for all…

Our in­sider adds: ‘Max ar­rives at the meet­ing and he doesn’t waste any time. He tells the for­mer jailed rapist it’s over as he doesn’t want Carmel get­ting caught up in their bat­tles.

‘When the meet­ing is done, Fi’s se­cretly de­lighted Max has stood up to her dad. And when Max goes to fetch his things from Carmel’s place, Fi ar­rives and pas­sion­ately shows him just how im­pressed she is!’

What next?

We reckon Max’s in­volve­ment in this shady scheme is far from over. Both he and Fi are later sum­moned to an­other meet­ing by Will­mott-brown, who con­fronts them about their clan­des­tine ro­mance. And we’re guess­ing he’s not happy! Max may be a master ma­nip­u­la­tor. But we think he’s about to meet his match in his creepy boss, who needs the bad Bran­ning on­side. Af­ter all, Max could eas­ily blow his plans wide open by re­veal­ing what he knows.

So how far would Will­mott-brown go to en­sure Max plays ball and helps him de­stroy the Square? And, more im­por­tantly for Max, how far would Will­mott-brown go to en­sure Max stays silent if he de­cides he’s out of Wey­land & Co’s plot for good?

Will threats be made to Max’s fam­ily? Or could he be in the fir­ing line him­self and meet his maker?

It is Hal­loween, af­ter all, and En­ders loves a sin­is­ter and scary story…

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