Robert is still lead­ing lawrence on… to a Date with Death?

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Robert Sugden’s scheme to take over Home Farm has in­cluded pay­ing Chrissie White’s bit­ter un­cle, Tim Richards, to ter­rorise her half-sis­ter, Re­becca White; hir­ing an ac­tress to play an in­vestor; drug­ging Lawrence White to keep him out of the way; and, when that stopped work­ing, trick­ing Lawrence into be­liev­ing they slept to­gether.

Robert will stop at noth­ing to get what he wants. But does that in­clude mur­der? Why not? He’s killed be­fore…

this fort­night

Robert con­tin­ues to ma­nip­u­late un­sus­pect­ing Lawrence.

But can he con­tinue to es­cape the scru­tiny of Lawrence’s sus­pi­cious grand­son, Lach­lan White?

Sadly, we can’t re­veal too much about what hap­pens with Robert, Lawrence or Lach­lan as Hal­loween nears.

But we do know Robert over­hears some­thing that makes his ears prick up! And we’re guess­ing it’s some­thing the sneaky Sugden can use to his ad­van­tage.

Will it help him to con­tinue fool­ing Lawrence about his ro­man­tic feel­ings?

It shouldn’t be hard as Lawrence seems con­vinced Robert re­ally wants him. But the shock of him an­nounc­ing their sta­tus as an item might not be good for Re­becca, who’s heav­ily preg­nant with Robert’s child!

What next?

Get­ting Re­becca preg­nant wasn’t part of Robert’s plan. But he’s still used it to help him get his feet un­der the ta­ble at Home Farm. Any day now, Re­becca will give birth to their baby. What then?

Robert wants Home Farm, but not the peo­ple in it… Will that in­clude his own child?

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