Mac at­tack!

‘Mad’ Mac smacks neeta! can hunter save her from her bul­ly­ing boyfriend?

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‘Mad’ Mac Nightin­gale’s jeal­ousy spi­ralled out of con­trol when he beat up girl­friend Neeta Kaur’s teen lover, Hunter Mcqueen. Then he promised to kill the lad if he didn’t stay away.

Mac’s so des­per­ate to stop Neeta from leav­ing, he’s now black­mail­ing the teacher by threat­en­ing to tell the po­lice she had a fling with a pupil.

And now that buff pals Brody Hud­son and Da­mon Kin­sella are liv­ing in the flat at The Dog, Mac’s para­noia boils over…

this fort­night

Mac’s seething that hunky Brody is liv­ing un­der the same roof as him and Neeta, and he fears he’s a threat to his re­la­tion­ship (if you can call it that).

‘Mac’s un­happy about Neeta and Brody’s blos­som­ing friend­ship,’ says our Hol­lyoaks spy. ‘Neeta then re­veals that Brody knows about her fling with Hunter, which prompts an an­gry Mac to hit her.’

It’s not the first time the land­lord’s tem­per has got the bet­ter of him. But this lat­est out­burst must surely con­vince Neeta to es­cape her bul­ly­ing boyfriend. If she can get out alive, that is…

What next?

Mac’s at­tack is just the tip of the ice­berg and he’s go­ing to lose it big time.

We’re pray­ing Hunter can save Neeta. But could their love story end in tragedy? This au­tumn’s big Hol­lyoaks stunt cen­tres on a huge gas ex­plo­sion at the school, caused by Mac’s jeal­ous fury. Af­ter a show­down with Neeta in the boiler room where he smashes a gas pipe in a fit of rage, Mac con­fronts his ter­ri­fied other half with Hunter’s sketch of her and he sets it alight. But as he throws it to the ground, the lit pa­per hits the gas leak he caused ear­lier, creat­ing a fire­ball which rips through the build­ing! Will Mac pay the price for his rage with his life – or will it be some­one else’s?

Mac flipped af­ter see­ing Neeta share an in­ti­mate mo­ment with Hunter! Crazed Mac’s de­ter­mined to make sure Neeta stays with him... at any price!

Boom! Hunter’s sketch of Neeta isn’t the only thing Mac sends up in flames!

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