As Pat Phe­lan faces his tough­est week yet, ac­tor Con­nor Mcin­tyre reck­ons there’s scope for the builder to be­come more vil­lain­ous than ever…

Soaplife - - 2 Weeks In Pictures Eastenders - By Alison James

Pat Phe­lan’s been in some tight spots since he turned up in Corona­tion Street, but mat­ters are about to get a lot more com­pli­cated! He’s promised to give kid­nap vic­tim Andy Carver his free­dom, but he now re­alises he can’t trust him, so he has to come up with a plan. ‘Phe­lan de­cides to find a re­place­ment hostage, think­ing that if Andy does some­thing that’s as bad as the things Phe­lan’s done, then Andy can’t ever go to the po­lice. And there is a cer­tain logic to it,’ Con­nor Mcin­tyre tells Soaplife. ‘As the pres­sure slowly mounts, he starts look­ing at Ni­cola Ruben­stein, Anna Win­dass, Daniel Os­bourne and all the other peo­ple he’s en­coun­tered. Phe­lan never for­gets an in­jus­tice or an in­jury to him...’ So who’s the un­lucky per­son?

Phe­lan’s usu­ally very con­fi­dent in him­self. How con­fi­dent is he that he won't get caught this time, too?

He’s feel­ing the pres­sure, but that’s when he’s at his most dan­ger­ous and when he acts. When things are all calm and cool, he’s usu­ally quite be­nign. But when the heat gets turned up for him, he gets more de­ci­sive in his ac­tions and, ac­tu­ally, starts to see things very clearly.

What are his thoughts when Ni­cola starts ask­ing about his past?

Ni­cola’s been trawl­ing through Phe­lan’s his­tory, so she presents a dif­fer­ent pic­ture of Pat to the one he has of him­self. When you’re deal­ing with a nar­cis­sist, that’s very dif­fi­cult and, in Phe­lan’s case, dan­ger­ous.

Since she turned up in Weather­field, Ni­cola’s seemed to have been a good in­flu­ence on Phe­lan’s life. Why does he sud­denly snap now?

He’s just found her and she’s had this re­ally calm­ing in­flu­ence on him. But now he sees the prospect of los­ing her again – and that makes him very volatile. This is now in the mix as the pres­sure mounts. Add on to that Daniel sniff­ing around, Eileen be­ing oblique, Anna in the back­ground… It’s get­ting very in­tense for Phe­lan.

Phe­lan makes a fi­nal de­ci­sion about his hostages. Is this the dark­est side of him we’ve ever seen?

It’s the dark­est we’ve seen to date, but he can go darker, I’m sure of that. If you cross a par­tic­u­lar line, that’s it with him. So, can he get darker? Yes, cer­tainly.

What has the view­ers’ re­ac­tion been to this lat­est turn of events?

They were re­ally root­ing for him to turn the cor­ner, then came the Andy shock and they were like, ‘Oh no!’ The re­sponse was very in­ter­est­ing be­cause we have seen the po­ten­tial for him to turn over a new leaf be­cause he does have re­deem­ing qual­i­ties. It’s all good. But it’s only one com­po­nent of Cor­rie, which is on fire at the mo­ment.

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