Soaplife - - 2weeks Revealed -

Week 1

Pres­sure! A con­flicted Max finds him­self un­der in­creased pres­sure to se­cure some in­sider in­for­ma­tion on sealed coun­cil bids from Carmel. Later, how­ever, Max seems to have a change of heart...

The Carters face the prospect of los­ing their busi­ness and their home when they strug­gle to fund re­pairs needed at The Vic

Shakil wor­ries that he can’t find a suit­able present for Bex’s birth­day.

Of­fer! Luke pays Jay a sur­prise visit and he makes him an un­ex­pected of­fer for the car lot... Will Jay ac­cept?

Fi tries to change Max’s mind when he an­nounces that he in­tends to split up with Carmel to save her any more pain...

Billy gets into a flap when he dis­cov­ers there’ll be a tax au­dit on the busi­ness and he hasn’t been keep­ing ac­cu­rate records.

Donna winds Rob­bie up about a date...

De­fi­ant! Max de­fi­antly tells Will­mott-brown that their deal is off. Fi’s se­cretly wowed by Max’s stand, but will the ta­bles be turned when they’re sum­moned back to the board­room?

Billy’s in­no­cent mis­take ends up putting him in se­ri­ous fi­nan­cial trou­ble!

Keanu in­vites In­grid to din­ner with the Tay­lor clan, where Karen bat­tles loan sharks!

Bex’s driv­ing les­son takes a strange turn.

Evicted! The Carter clan pre­pare for their make-or-break meet­ing with Grafton Hill and they’re hor­ri­fied when they learn that they need to pay all the money that’s needed to re­pair The Vic — within five weeks oth­er­wise they’ll be evicted!

Luke gives Ben ideas about ex­pand­ing the cus­tomer base at The Arches. But Phil’s un­happy with the pro­posed plan...

The past catches up with Abi...

Week 2

Tricky! Abi ends up in a tricky sit­u­a­tion when she lies, while Lau­ren makes a big de­ci­sion... Tina lands in dan­ger! Bit­ter! One un­wel­come truth emerges and a bit­ter ar­gu­ment erupts... But who’s in­volved? Jack hosts a Hal­loween party! Shock! A Square res­i­dent is in a state of shock... Why? Why are the po­lice called? Louise seeks some re­as­sur­ance... Blame! One lo­cal fears they are to blame for a tragic ac­ci­dent... But are they? Shakil goes seek­ing some an­swers...

What next?

There’s a dra­matic fam­ily show­down... But who’s in­volved?

A bad omen on Hal­loween leaves one cou­ple reel­ing… Why?

Who’s to blame for a tragic event?

Un­der pres­sure: Will Carmel give Max the in­for­ma­tion he wants? Evic­tion: Grafton Hill’s Hugo gives Linda and the Carters an ul­ti­ma­tum: pay up – or leave!

Learner: Rob­bie takes Bex for her first driv­ing les­son…

Propo­si­tion: Luke vis­its Jay to make him an of­fer on the car lot Fri­day 27 thursday 26 mon­day 23

Lady in red? Shakil shops for a birth­day present for Bex

23 mon­day

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