Soaplife - - 2weeks Revealed -

Week 1

Re­turn! Hamish pays T-bone to med­dle with Piper and Tay­lor’s re­la­tion­ship when the back­packer re­turns to Erins­bor­ough.

Paul re­fuses to lis­ten when Leo tells him that Court­ney made a pass at him.

Jack spies Paige and Bren­nan to­gether.

Flow­ers! Tyler’s left shocked when he sees Piper meet­ing T-bone and leav­ing the en­counter with a bunch of flow­ers.

Elly’s old pal, Caro, vis­its and sets her sights on Gary... Will he sleep with her?

Toadie searches for the lost love lock.

Hurt! Terese is hurt to hear Gary has moved on with some­one new, and she’s later re­lieved when he ad­mits he didn’t bed Caro.

Steph grows sus­pi­cious when Amy stumps up $50K for the Well­ness Cen­tre...

Erins­bor­ough wins the Live­abil­ity prize.

Money! Amy as­sures Steph the money is le­git­i­mate... then makes a mys­te­ri­ous phone call. Jack’s a hit as school coun­sel­lor. Leo tries to trick Court­ney by kiss­ing her... while a hor­ri­fied Mishti looks on.

Ex­plain! Leo tries to ex­plain to Mishti that the kiss with Court­ney was a ploy to ex­pose her true colours... Will she be­lieve him?

Hamish con­tin­ues to ma­nip­u­late Tyler, see­ing the gulf be­tween him and Piper grow.

Yashvi’s prank could re­sult in ex­pul­sion.

Week 2

Blame! Aaron de­cides to head to Paris and in­ves­ti­gate Hamish’s dodgy past...

Su­san ex­cludes Ben from school when he takes the blame for Yashvi’s prank.

Bren­nan’s snoop­ing un­set­tles Hamish...

Find! Tyler finds print­outs of mes­sages be­tween Piper and T-bone on Hamish’s boat. Karl and Su­san vie for the Live­abil­ity fund. Bren­nan fights a claim of harassment.

Exam! Tyler ac­cuses Piper of cheat­ing with T-bone just be­fore she sits an exam. Su­san has bad news for em­ployee Jack. Aaron ar­rives in Paris... Can he find the lady who knows Hamish’s se­crets?

Ask! Gary asks Terese for a sec­ond chance when his health takes a turn. Jack faces com­plaints at school. A dev­as­tated Piper looks for so­lace.

Link! Bren­nan’s case against Hamish firms up when Fay re­turns and helps him find a link be­tween Louise and Hamish... Terese con­sid­ers re­u­nit­ing with Gary. Yashvi plays with fire to re­pay Ben...


A corpse is found in the Can­nings’ back gar­den... But who is it?

Piper finds her­self all at sea when she falls asleep on a boat...

Terese has bad news for Paul...

Span­ner in the works: T-bone tries to cause trou­ble for Piper Love­birds: Life’s go­ing well for Paige and Bren­nan... Lost: Toadie has to get dirty as he searches for the love lock ...but Jack’s watch­ing on - what’s he plan­ning? Found: Sonya and Toadie get some happy news! tues­day 24

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