Our cam­eras caught him giv­ing Sum­mer’s grand­mother the evil eye! But why?

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Pat Phe­lan is on shaky ground with a lot of peo­ple, but these pic­tures re­veal he still has wife eileen on­side. so we’re guess­ing the mysterious in­jury above her left eye isn’t down to him. But Phe­lan looks to be in a mur­der­ous mood when he sees Geral­dine spell­man, lit­tle sum­mer spell­man’s wicked witch of a grand­mother. why? we won­der…

the scenes we cap­tured were at a church where weather­field res­i­dents, who also in­cluded sum­mer and Ken Bar­low, were gath­ered for a Christ­mas carol con­cert.

But there was no sign of sum­mer’s guardians, vicar Billy May­hew and part­ner todd Grimshaw, eileen’s son. we know Billy’s life is fall­ing apart… Has the cou­ple lost cus­tody of sum­mer? is Phe­lan giv­ing Geral­dine a filthy look be­cause she’s ru­ined todd’s life?

if she has, Phe­lan might just feel com­pelled to get some re­venge, as a favour to eileen and todd… whether or not they want him to!

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