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The youngest As­toni has a seizure as a re­sult of her eat­ing dis­or­der, says Anna Coc­querel…

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Noth­ing ever stays se­cret in Sum­mer Bay for long, so it was only a mat­ter of time be­fore Coco As­toni’s se­cret eat­ing dis­or­der was out in the open. ‘Her par­ents first be­come aware some­thing is se­ri­ously wrong when Coco sud­denly col­lapses with a con­vul­sion while out­side in the blaz­ing heat be­cause she hasn’t eaten a thing all day,’ ac­tress Anna Coc­querel re­veals. If Coco re­cov­ers, will she fi­nally come clean to her mum and dad?

What do Coco’s par­ents think is wrong with their girl when she col­lapses?

They don’t know and they’re still none the wiser when Coco comes round once she’s in hos­pi­tal. Tori Mor­gan, who’s treat­ing Coco, knows only too well what’s wrong, but Coco is adamant that the doc­tor doesn’t tell Maggie and Ben. When Tori says she wants to speak to them, Coco in­sists they leave the hos­pi­tal room.

And do they leave?

They have no choice. It’s about pa­tient con­fi­den­tial­ity. Coco in­sists on talking to Tori alone.

What hap­pens next?

Tori tries to per­suade Coco that they should tell Maggie and Ben. Coco’s adamant that they don’t, say­ing that it’s her body and it’s her choice, and she has ev­ery­thing un­der con­trol. She doesn’t, of course.

Can’t Tori just tell them?

No. Her hands are tied, even though Ben and Maggie are Coco’s par­ents. All she can do is re­as­sure them that while Coco’s in hos­pi­tal, she’ll be OK. Plus, she says she’ll try again to per­suade Coco to talk to them. Maggie and Ben are deeply sus­pi­cious. In ad­di­tion to be­ing very wor­ried about her, they know she’s hid­ing some­thing.

Why is Coco so against her mum and dad know­ing about her dis­or­der?

Coco’s a sweet girl with a deep in­ner strength. But like so many teenagers to­day, she has per­sonal bat­tles that are ex­tremely chal­leng­ing for her to deal with. She truly thinks she can han­dle her eat­ing dis­or­der alone. She’s just not fac­ing up to the se­ri­ous­ness of her con­di­tion.

So does she fi­nally agree to tell them?

No. But they do find out and they’re fu­ri­ous that the per­son who re­veals the truth hasn’t said any­thing be­fore.

Coco’s sis­ter, Ziggy, knows her se­cret. Is it Ziggy who tells them?

I’m not say­ing, but the rev­e­la­tion has se­ri­ous reper­cus­sions for the whole As­toni fam­ily.

By Ali­son James

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