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Milo En­twistle is hid­ing his big se­cret: he’s the teenage joyrider who killed Gordon and Helen Cun­ning­ham 13 years ago, and he’s de­lib­er­ately wormed his way into the fam­ily as their lodger to try to atone for his crime.

But his twisted mis­sion to pro­tect the clan means he’s got Cindy Cun­ning­ham’s fi­ancé, Dirk Sav­age, in his sights.

Con­vinced that cud­dly Dirk is an out­sider whose dodgy deals put the fam­ily in dan­ger, creepy Milo is on a mis­sion to stop the pair’s wed­ding – at all costs!

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As Milo schemes to scup­per Cindy’s big day, he’s dev­as­tated to over­hear he might have to move out of the Cun­ning­hams’ and he con­fronts Dirk.

The awks vibes make the stag do de­scend into dis­as­ter, thanks to Milo’s med­dling when he en­sures Holly wrongly thinks her fu­ture step­dad is hav­ing a bit of slap and tickle with the strip­per on his last night of free­dom!

‘Holly won­ders whether to tell Cindy about Dirk and the strip­per,’ whis­pers our Hol­lyoaks source. ‘Mean­while, Milo’s still set on sab­o­tag­ing the wed­ding.

‘But he soon pan­ics that his plan has got­ten out of hand…’

Cindy’s obliv­i­ous that her hubby-to-be’s fi­delity is be­ing called into ques­tion as she en­joys her hen night with the girls.

Will Milo’s ma­nip­u­la­tions burst her bub­ble?

What next?

Milo means well but he’s clearly got a few loose wires, and it can’t be long be­fore his plan to keep the Cun­ning­hams safe claims a ca­su­alty.

Not that the nerd is the vil­lage’s next se­rial killer. But his ob­ses­sion with pro­tect­ing the fam­ily could lead to an ac­ci­den­tal death… Is groom Dirk doomed?

Or what if in­ter­fer­ing Milo ended up in­ad­ver­tently bump­ing off yet an­other Cun­ning­ham? Could bride Cindy be mis­tak­enly slayed at her own wed­ding?

It’s Cindy and Dirk’s big day... Will Milo’s med­dling get in the way of love’s young dream? Mandy and Holly make a fuss of Cindy at her hen do, while Dirk’s stag party goes hor­ri­bly wrong...

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