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Most sis­ters fall out from time to time. Some even hold a grudge for a bit. But Abi Bran­ning’s jeal­ousy-in­spired hate cam­paign against older sis­ter Lau­ren hit a whole new level of de­ranged.

She not only slept with Lau­ren’s fi­ancé, the now-dead Steven Beale, but she fell preg­nant with his child. She also con­spired with him against Lau­ren, too.

The dra­matic re­veal, which saw Lau­ren walk in on an in­creas­ingly loopy Abi wear­ing her wed­ding dress, was clas­sic En­ders. The ex­plo­sive ar­gu­ment that fol­lowed saw Abi re­veal she was in love with Steven. Then she later added the news she was also car­ry­ing his child!

Not sur­pris­ingly, that par­tic­u­lar se­ries of bomb­shells left Lau­ren and Abi with a few is­sues to sort out. And matters are about to get even more com­pli­cated…

this fort­night

Lau­ren may know about Abi and Steven’s baby, but there are a few other key play­ers who don’t. They’re about to find out, though. ‘An ex­cited Ian Beale shares his plans for the fu­ture of Beale’s with Abi,’ ex­plains our in­sider. ‘The Wal­ford en­tre­pre­neur says he wants to pass the restau­rant onto fu­ture gen­er­a­tions of the fam­ily.’

That gets Abi won­der­ing if she should tell Ian the truth about the preg­nancy.

‘Abi does her re­search when Ian also talks about fran­chis­ing Beale’s and she re­alises there’s a lot of money in it,’ says Lorna Fitzger­ald, who plays Abi. ‘She hasn’t got a job or a part­ner, so she wants to tell Ian it’s his grand­child and she’s hop­ing she’ll get money. ‘It’s for com­pletely self­ish rea­sons.’ Abi’s con­fi­dante, Donna Yates, tells the bonkers Bran­ning to keep quiet. But Abi ig­nores her sage ad­vice and she finds Ian and tells him the truth!

We’re not al­lowed to re­veal how this news af­fects Ian. But it’s an­other ma­jor shock for a man who’s re­cently buried his son and seen his wife exit. Could this, along­side the news about James Will­mot­tbrown (see pages 4 & 5), be an­other blow that sends him over the edge? Again...

The thing we can re­veal is that Ian tells Abi’s dad the news, and it gives ma­nip­u­la­tive Max food for thought.

Our in­sider con­tin­ues: ‘Max fears if Abi and Steven were lovers, then his daugh­ter may well know that Max was black­mail­ing Steven… and that could cause ma­jor prob­lems.

‘Abi could ask questions about Max’s re­la­tion­ship with Fi Brown­ing and his re­venge plans. Worse, she may re­alise he had a mo­tive for get­ting rid of the man she loved.’

What next?

Abi’s most re­cent trip to crazy town has turned into an ex­tended stay. And we reckon things are about to get much darker for Abi. Max fears his daugh­ter could blow his crimes and schem­ing wide open. Her baby also means there’ll be a con­stant re­minder of sin­is­ter Steven in the lives of Lau­ren and Ian. So that’s three peo­ple who have good rea­son to want Abi gone. And that’s be­fore dis­cussing Wey­land & Co, who won’t want any­one spoil­ing their Al­bert Square takeover plans… Could Max un­wit­tingly put Abi and his grand­child’s life at risk in a bid to frighten her and keep her quiet? We know Abi ac­tress Lorna is leav­ing En­ders in a few months. Could it be in a cortege pulled by black horses with fu­neral di­rec­tor Billy Mitchell walk­ing in front?

The Max fac­tor! Abi’s baby news gives her fa­ther a few things to think about...

Baby news! Ian tells Max that Abi and Steven were lovers... and she’s car­ry­ing his child!

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