Ai­dan lays into Johnny Cor­rie

Ai­dan feels be­trayed by his dad, Then he kicks off A very dan­ger­ous feud!

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Love rat Ai­dan Connor saw his cheated-on fi­ancée, Eva Price, se­cure their flat, while crooked lawyer Adam Bar­low robbed Un­der­world.

Re­sult: Ai­dan’s sleep­ing rough in a stripped-bare fac­tory, and he’s get­ting the blame for Un­der­world’s clo­sure and the entire work­force los­ing their jobs.

Ai­dan has fought back a bit, though, when he tried to en­sure eager Adam didn’t land a new client for his le­gal firm.

this fort­night

There’s good news when Ai­dan learns the in­sur­ance money for the fac­tory has come through.

‘Ai­dan’s de­lighted be­cause he thinks he can start rebuilding Un­der­world,’ says our Cor­rie source. ‘But Johnny soon makes it clear he has other ideas…

‘Connor Se­nior tells a gob­s­macked Ai­dan he won’t be in­vest­ing the pay­out in the fac­tory. In­stead, he’ll use it for his and wife Jenny’s re­tire­ment in Spain!’

Ai­dan’s livid and he tears into Jenny, call­ing her a gold-dig­ger and blam­ing her for the de­ci­sion! And, when Johnny de­fends her, Ai­dan rips into him, too.

The fa­ther-and-son ar­gu­ment is not pleas­ant and it leaves the two at odds.

Mean­while, the feud between Ai­dan and Adam con­tin­ues, and it’s the de­tails of Rita Tan­ner’s flat sale that Ai­dan thinks may give him a chance to hurt Adam.

‘Ai­dan re­alises Adam hasn’t been act­ing within the let­ter of the law over Rita’s flat sale by en­sur­ing it doesn’t go to Colin,’ says our in­sider. ‘Ai­dan plans to se­cure the con­tract de­tails from his hated ri­val’s files.’

As we re­port on page 31, that doesn’t go very well, thanks to Rosie Web­ster.

But, as Ai­dan thinks Adam’s busi­ness part­ner, Todd Grimshaw, knew about Adam’s plans to ruin him, Ai­dan reck­ons that also makes Todd fair game…

So Ai­dan tells Todd’s boyfriend, Billy May­hew, that he’s up to no good, which doesn’t go down well with Todd.

‘That es­ca­lates a tit-for-tat feud,’ con­tin­ues our mole. ‘Todd tries to en­sure that Ai­dan’s bid to se­cure a loan for the fac­tory leaves Ai­dan em­bar­rassed, but it doesn’t have the de­sired ef­fect.

‘So Todd ups the stakes and, af­ter watch­ing Ai­dan and Alya Nazir load up their van, he takes dras­tic mea­sures…’

What next?

We’re not al­lowed to re­veal ex­actly what ‘dras­tic mea­sures’ Todd takes to deal with Ai­dan. But, says Ai­dan ac­tor Shayne Ward, it must be se­ri­ous as it en­sures ‘Ai­dan’s re­ally set on a warpath!’ And go­ing to war against ‘Tricky’ Todd and dodgy Adam without the sup­port of his dad could mean lots more trou­ble.

But Ai­dan could soon have an ally to lean on if Johnny does make an exit… as Carla Connor ac­tress Ali­son King is back on the cob­bles and she’ll re­turn on screen at Christ­mas.

‘It’s amaz­ing to have Ali back,’ says Shayne. ‘We’ve done a few scenes to­gether al­ready. It’s great for the Con­nors and we’re all buzzing!’ Let’s just hope Ai­dan sur­vives his cur­rent feud­ing long enough to make sure he can take full ad­van­tage

of his sis­ter’s many smarts!

Check it out! Read the our in­ter­view with Ai­dan ac­tor Shayne Ward on

Feud! Ai­dan reck­ons Todd’s as guilty as Adam and he de­cides to take him down... Bad move!

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