Phe­lan’s mur­der­ous CHRIST­MAS...

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No one is safe from cold-blooded killer Pat Phe­lan. His daugh­ter, Ni­cola Ru­bin­stein, telling him he’s a rapist pushed Phe­lan to an even darker place and we doubt there will be any joy in his Xmas. The more he kills, the more he has to cover up – and the big­ger risk there is that some­one will catch him out, which could lead him to kill yet again.

We reckon not even Ni­cola is safe. She dared to stand up to her dad and tell him what she thought of him and he let her

walk away. But Ni­cola’s a loose end now that he’s framed Anna Win­dass for Seb Franklin’s ac­ci­dent. Ni­cola knows what he did to Anna and she could tell any­one and every­one, in­clud­ing his wife, Eileen.

We don’t think Phe­lan will risk Ni­cola do­ing that and, of course, killing her would be a sure way of stop­ping her.

Un­less… There is an­other way to stop Eileen find­ing out the bru­tal truth about Phe­lan. He could kill her!


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