Whit­ney has a se­cret… Easten­ders

An old Friend of lee Carter’s tells Woody some­thing he didn’t know About Whit­ney…

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It has taken time and pa­tience – and many, many snide remarks from Shirley Carter – but Whit­ney Carter fi­nally can be in the same room as her in-laws, Mick and Linda Carter, with­out any­one men­tion­ing she and Mick kissed, twice, while Linda was away.

It’s helped every­one (ex­cept Shirley) to be­lieve that Whit­ney has moved on as she and Woody Wood­ward are now en­gaged.

But that re­la­tion­ship has been haunted by an­other of Whit­ney’s men, her es­tranged husband, Lee Carter, who’s been keep­ing in touch through his mate, Moose, who has a soft spot for Whit­ney.

this fort­night

Things get tense be­tween Whit­ney and Woody when Moose pays a sur­prise visit and he re­alises Whit­ney’s keep­ing se­crets from Woody.

‘Woody sees Moose is a big fan of Whit­ney’s and he is far from im­pressed,’ says our En­ders mole.

He also sees that Linda and Mick ap­pear to love Moose and that stings, as Woody knows Mick barely tol­er­ates him.

De­ter­mined to let Moose know what’s what, Woody tells him he and Whit­ney are get­ting mar­ried. But that back­fires. ‘Moose re­alises Whit­ney hasn’t told Woody that she’s had her di­vorce pa­pers through,’ adds our in­sider. ‘And he uses that to his ad­van­tage when Woody tries to warn him off Whit­ney!’

Now Woody isn’t just jeal­ous, he’s also fu­ri­ous – with Whit­ney! While Stacey ad­vises him to give Whit­ney a bit of space, he wants to know why she didn’t tell him Lee has filed for di­vorce. And Whit­ney does try to ex­plain.

‘She tries to tell Woody she’s wor­ried that she’s mar­ry­ing again too soon,’ our in­sider re­veals.

How­ever, she’s also frus­trated by both Woody and Moose and she lets them know it, re­mind­ing them just how strong a woman she can be. And her de­fi­ant be­hav­iour leaves Woody a very wor­ried man. Does Whit­ney re­ally want him?

What next?

What if Woody be­comes con­vinced that he isn’t the man for Whit­ney? If they split up, that could cause even more prob­lems be­tween Linda and Mick – and lead to a very mis­er­able Christ­mas for them all!

Moose likes Whit­ney more than she likes him. But she still hangs around him a bit too much...

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