Paige is be­trayed! Neigh­bours

Paige is dev­as­tated to learn Mark’s been keep­ing se­crets, re­veals Olympia Valanceé

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Hon­esty should be at the heart of any re­la­tion­ship, so when Paige Smith dis­cov­ers Mark Bren­nan hasn’t been truth­ful with her, she doesn’t know whether she’ll be able to for­give him. ‘He con­fesses to her that he pro­tected Sonya Re­bec­chi af­ter the Back­pack­ers crash,’ ac­tress Olympia Valance tells Soaplife. ‘Heart­bro­ken Paige can’t be­lieve he did that for Sonya when he so hu­mil­i­ated her by ar­rest­ing her on their wed­ding day!’ Is this the end for Paige and Mark or can they work it through?

Why does Mark make this confession to Paige?

It’s kind of a re­sult of what’s hap­pened to Hamish Roche. He does it to make him­self feel bet­ter, I think, and be­cause he does want to be hon­est. But it’s so trau­matic for Paige to learn this. It makes her ques­tion whether he’s ever loved her.

Does he apol­o­gise for hav­ing her ar­rested?

Not straight­away, but he does say ‘Sorry’.

Does Paige for­give him?

He has a lot of apol­o­gis­ing to do, al­though he makes the fair point they’ve both changed a lot over the past year. Mark swears he’s learned from his mis­takes. Paige is still hurt, but she knows where he’s com­ing from and she for­gives him.

But then Mark dis­tances him­self from her. Why?

It’s be­cause Jack Cal­la­han, baby Gabe’s dad, isn’t happy. He feels a bit like a third wheel be­cause he’s Gabe’s fa­ther, yet Mark and Paige are like the parental unit.

But it’s not just that, is it?

No. Mark’s in­volved in a lot of wor­ry­ing stuff in­volv­ing Hamish and Tyler Bren­nan, plus he’s go­ing to get done for hid­ing ev­i­dence. Jack doesn’t want his son ex­posed to things like this and he’s not happy about Paige, as the mother of his son, be­ing up­set, ei­ther.

So, Mark does as Jack re­quests?

Yes. He doesn’t want to em­broil Paige and her lit­tle boy in stuff that has noth­ing to do with them, so he agrees to Jack that he’ll keep his dis­tance un­til things are sorted out.

Will they get back to­gether?

It’s very com­pli­cated and, to­wards Christ­mas, it will be­come even more so. I re­ally don’t know what the fu­ture holds for them and, per­son­ally, I’m a bit torn. While I love Paige and Mark as a cou­ple, it would be nice for Paige and Gabe to spend more time with Jack. Let’s wait and see.

By Ali­son James

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