Robert’s can­cer fears Cor­rie

He’s only just got out of jail, but robert now fears He Has tes­tic­u­lar can­cer, re­veals tris­tan gem­mill…

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Robert Pre­ston has been re­leased from jail and he’s back home with his lov­ing part­ner, Michelle Con­nor. So he should be feel­ing on top of the world. But he has a nag­ging health fear that re­fuses to go away, even though he’s try­ing to ig­nore it. ‘There’s a lump in one of his tes­ti­cles and Robert knows it could be tes­tic­u­lar can­cer,’ ac­tor Tris­tan Gem­mill tells

Soaplife. ‘At Michelle’s in­sis­tence, he makes an ap­point­ment with the doc­tor. But he ends up not go­ing be­cause he has a mor­bid fear of hos­pi­tals and can­cer af­ter watch­ing his fa­ther die from the dis­ease.’ Will an ac­ci­dent on the cob­bles make him re­alise he must face facts?

How long has Robert been aware of the lump on his tes­ti­cle?

For quite some time, and he’s strug­gling to deal with it. He’s ter­ri­fied he might go the same way as his fa­ther. He doesn’t men­tion the lump to Michelle, but she no­tices it when they’re in bed.

What’s Michelle’s re­ac­tion?

She’s the voice of rea­son. If you catch tes­tic­u­lar can­cer early enough, there’s a good chance of long-term sur­vival. In his heart of hearts, he knows that. But he’s still ter­ri­fied.

Tell us about the ac­ci­dent…

Young Joseph Brown runs out into the road into the path of a van. Robert leaps out to save him, but he’s in­jured in the process and he’s taken to hos­pi­tal. Michelle uses the time while he’s im­mo­bilised to get the urol­o­gist in.

How does Robert re­act?

Even though he feels backed into a corner, he re­luc­tantly agrees to an ex­am­i­na­tion. The doc­tor says there’s def­i­nitely some­thing there that he needs to check out, so he rec­om­mends that Robert gets a scan im­me­di­ately.

How does Robert feel when, af­ter the scan, the urol­o­gist tells him the lump is ma­lig­nant and he’ll need surgery to re­move his testis?

Robert feels ev­ery­thing is get­ting out of his con­trol, which he can’t cope with. He ba­si­cally says, ‘Thank you for mak­ing me aware of it. I’ll think about it.’ He doesn't know how to cope with it be­cause of what hap­pened to his dad. He just wants to get out of the door and he doesn’t tell

Michelle what’s hap­pened.

How do you think Robert would re­act to dis­cover it’s can­cer?

That’s Robert’s Room 101. It’s his worst fear. The thought of ev­ery­thing be­ing taken away from him in the same way he watched his dad go is too much to bear. He’s ter­ri­fied to the point of be­ing frozen with fear and that’s why he won't talk to any­one or do any­thing about it.

Later, in an at­tempt to for­get his ill­ness, Robert heads to the casino. What hap­pens there?

The pres­sure has got to him and he makes some poor de­ci­sions. He’s try­ing to pre­tend noth­ing is wrong, but he sim­ply can’t stop… By Ali­son James

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