Will Anna fool Phe­lan? Cor­rie

it’s bad news for Anna be­cause Ahead the killer builder is one step when she tries to catch him out!

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Poi­sonous Pat Phe­lan told the cops that Anna Win­dass pur­posely pushed teenage tear­away Seb Franklin off a lad­der.

The killer carpenter then pri­vately ad­mit­ted to framing his neme­sis, but he of­fered her a se­cret deal, too.

In a shock move, he also re­vealed his daugh­ter, Ni­cola Ruben­stein, is preg­nant with Gary’s baby, which makes it Anna’s grand­kid as well as his.

So it seems master ma­nip­u­la­tor Pat is hold­ing some big cards as he gets Anna to do his dirty work for him. But what does Anna’s deal with the devil in­volve?

And will the cru­sad­ing café worker po­ten­tially risk her free­dom to bring down fiendish Phe­lan? And would she re­think if she knew he was re­spon­si­ble for two corpses float­ing in a lake?

this Fort­night

Sev­eral Weather­field res­i­dents think Christ­mas has come early when un­likely Santa Phe­lan dishes out Vinny Ash­ford’s stolen cash. He says that it’s com­pen­sa­tion for his wronged neigh­bours who were conned in the Cal­cutta Street flat de­vel­op­ment prop­erty scam, and his wife, Eileen, be­lieves it’s in­sur­ance money from the house fire.

But sus­pi­cious Todd Grimshaw spots Vinny’s bag… Could he con­nect the clues and re­alise Pat’s at­tempt at play­ing Saint Ni­cholas could have a darker foun­da­tion?

Mean­while, Anna cor­ners Pat to dis­cuss their deal, but her real plan is to en­sure he re­veals why he’s framing her.

‘With the record but­ton on her phone firmly pressed down, Anna fronts up to Phe­lan and she asks him why he framed her for push­ing Seb off his lad­der,’ says our Cor­rie in­sider.

‘But the wily trades­man sus­pects a trap and he de­fi­antly tells Anna they both know she pushed Seb!’

Af­ter he leaves, a de­jected Anna switches off the record but­ton on her mo­bile phone, ab­so­lutely gut­ted her plan to get a confession from the killer failed.

Has Pat won? Or does an­gry Anna have an­other ace up her sleeve? And, if so, what could that be?

What next?

With the cops sniff­ing around, Anna might not be able to en­sure Phe­lan gets his come­up­pance.

She’s the only one brave enough to take on the bald

bully. But how’s she go­ing to end his reign of ter­ror if he man­ages to get her jailed for ‘at­tack­ing’ Seb?

We know Anna ac­tress Debbie Rush is leav­ing. Is a jail sen­tence her big exit?

Or, worse, is framing her sim­ply phase one of Phe­lan’s master­plan to bump off an­other en­emy to cover his tracks?

We’d be sur­prised if Anna lives long enough to meet that grand­child…

Show­down! Anna’s scam to trap Phe­lan doesn’t go ac­cord­ing to plan…

Money talks! Phe­lan’s gen­er­ous ges­ture wows Yasmin and Sarah…

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