adam jailed… or some­one Else?

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Adam Bar­ton’s been ar­rested and re­leased over the mur­der of Emma Bar­ton. But we know he’s leav­ing Em­merdale, so we reckon he’ll be ar­rested again and con­victed, leav­ing wife Vic­to­ria all alone at Christ­mas.

But… ‘The Emma who­dunit will run for months,’ says Em­merdale boss Iain Macleod. This sug­gests that Adam’s jailed, but might not be the real killer!

Iain also adds, ‘Who­ever has done this is like an agent of God.’

Surely that doesn’t mean vicar Har­riet Finch killed Emma, does it?

Well… Moira and Cain Din­gle’s son was found in her church, af­ter Emma snatched him from hos­pi­tal…

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