Abi faces temp­ta­tion...

Abi’s fac­ing A tough choice when she finds drugs At the garage!

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Abi Franklin is on a mis­sion to show the world that she’s a changed woman. She’s got her­self a job at the garage, she’s whee­dled her way into Eileen Grimshaw’s house – and she’s so de­ter­mined to get her twin chil­dren back she’s jump­ing through ev­ery hoop that so­cial ser­vices have put in front of her.

But some peo­ple are hav­ing trou­ble be­liev­ing she’s turned over a new leaf…


Abi’s in the garage when Mr Fitzgerald from Weather­field High drops off a minibus to be re­paired. But there’s a sur­prise in store… and it’s not a left­over packed lunch from a geog­ra­phy field trip!

‘As she starts work, she’s shocked to find a bag of drugs in the glove box, which is a pretty big temp­ta­tion for a for­mer ad­dict,’ re­veals our Cor­rie source. ‘Abi, though, does the right thing and, when an edgy Mr Fitzgerald re­turns claim­ing that he left his wal­let in the bus, she re­fuses to let him in... be­cause she’s al­ready called the po­lice.

‘When the cops show up, though, Ty­rone is con­vinced Abi’s in­volved. But he feels bad when they nick Mr Fitzgerald in­stead.’

He’s not the only one jump­ing to con­clu­sions, though. When Steve spots Abi with the po­lice, he tells Eileen.

And, when Abi finds out, she’s furious.

She points out that she was just giv­ing a state­ment to the po­lice and now Steve could have ruined her chance to get her kids back if word gets out. Oops!

WHAT next?

They may be lock­ing horns at the mo­ment, but there’s def­i­nite chem­istry be­tween Steve and Abi. He wants to make amends for what he’s done, so it looks like they might be spend­ing more time to­gether in the fu­ture.

Could their bick­er­ing even­tu­ally turn into flirt­ing? As we re­port op­po­site, with Eileen on a mis­sion to split up Steve and Tracy, it could just hap­pen…

Abi finds drugs in the minibus and calls the po­lice. But Ty­rone ques­tions her in­volve­ment…

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