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Lach­lan de­cides he needs to get rid of Liv and that de­ci­sion un­leashes a mur­der­ous chain of events, says Thomas Atkin­soné

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Cross Lach­lan White and the chances are you’ll be six foot un­der in no time at all. But some­body in Emmerdale isn’t aware of the dan­ger they’re in as they send the mur­der­ing teen a string of threat­en­ing texts. ‘It’s play­ing with his head,’ Thomas Atkin­son tells Soaplife. ‘He thinks it’s Liv Fla­herty and, be­cause she’s be­come such a prob­lem, he wants to get rid of her. Then things get more com­pli­cated when Re­becca White jeop­ar­dises his plans!’ Are Liv and Re­becca about to die?

How does Lach­lan feel about his grow­ing body count?

He feels a bit guilty and he’s miss­ing his mum, Chrissie White, and his grandad, Lawrence White. He doesn’t want to do these things. In his head, this is all for Belle Din­gle. Deep down, he knows it’s wrong, but he’s quite good at con­vinc­ing him­self that what he’s do­ing is right.

Is he wor­ried about get­ting caught?

He’s ter­ri­fied of it, but he be­lieves he can out­wit peo­ple. He has to. He’s done all this so that he can be with Belle, and if he is found out, he’ll lose her.

Does Lach­lan miss his pal Gerry Roberts, who he also mur­dered?

A lit­tle bit, but he’s got so much go­ing on with other mur­ders, and with Liv and the text stuff, that he isn’t think­ing about Gerry too much at the minute.

Do you think Belle sus­pects any­thing?

Yes. She has no­ticed that Lach­lan seems a bit dis­tracted right now. But, ba­si­cally, things be­tween them are go­ing very well. They re­ally love each other.

Would Lach­lan ever come clean to Belle about what he’s done?

No, be­cause he doesn’t think she would un­der­stand. He’s strug­gling with it him­self and he re­alises Belle couldn’t ac­cept it.

So is Liv in dan­ger right now?

Yes! Lach­lan is get­ting these texts and he thinks they’re from Liv. He’s a com­plete wreck and he’s lost con­trol. Liv’s be­come a prob­lem, so he has to get rid of her. He’s quite psy­cho­pathic in that re­spect. He only thinks of him­self and not the ef­fect on oth­ers when he kills some­body.

How does he plan to kill her?

With car­bon monox­ide. He fid­dles with the de­tec­tor at Mill Cot­tage and he cre­ates a leak. The next day, he heads over to see if it’s worked and he pan­ics be­cause he re­alises his nephew, Seb, is there, too.

What’s so spe­cial about Seb?

Lach­lan, Re­becca and Seb are the last three re­main­ing Whites. Seb’s the fu­ture of his fam­ily and he doesn’t want to kill him.

What hap­pens when Re­becca shows up at Mill Cot­tage?

Lach­lan pushes a bleary Liv over and both she and Robert Sug­den are ly­ing un­con­scious on the floor. He leaves them both for dead. But, just as he’s leav­ing, Re­becca shows up and she sees what’s hap­pened. She de­mands they call an am­bu­lance im­me­di­ately. Sud­denly, he has an­other prob­lem to deal with...

Will Re­becca cop it?

Well, she ends up in the boot of Lach­lan’s car, so she’s def­i­nitely in dan­ger!

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