by Alan Ja­cobs, Pro­file Books, pa­per­back £ 7.99, ebook £ 4.31

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THE peo­ple who built the in­ter­net were prob­a­bly not evil, but they have cre­ated an elec­tronic mon­ster that feeds off the most prim­i­tive wiring of the hu­man brain. This has turbo- charged the cul­ture wars that have been rum­bling since the 1970s and is fast de­stroy­ing the ci­vil­ity, and re­spect for one’s op­po­nent’s right to be wrong, upon which demo­cratic sys­tems are based. A per­son can be full of higher moral pur­pose, and still damnably cruel.

In this chatty and read­able book, hu­man­i­ties pro­fes­sor Alan Ja­cobs looks at how we our­selves can tame our ap­palling lizard brains by bring­ing our pre- con­scious thought- for­ma­tion pro­cesses into the con­scious light of day.

His con­clu­sion is that for bet­ter or worse ( it can be both), good think­ing is helped by em­pa­thy and it should be a group ac­tiv­ity.

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