Why Wales foot­ball fans turned on each other at the Prin­ci­pal­ity Sta­dium

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Who are these peo­ple be­hind the “Wales” goal to say who can and who can’t go watch Wales play no mat­ter where they are play­ing?! Just be­cause you’ve watched Wales in the hard times doesn’t give you the right to moan at the peo­ple who pay money to watch Wales when they feel like go­ing, they don’t HAVE to be there at ev­ery game! That’s a very small minded view of your sport that is. Surely ev­ery­one is wel­come to sup­port their home coun­try?


Pa­thetic... just pa­thetic. The prob­lem with hard­core sup­port­ers is that they have a false sense of en­ti­tle­ment. It was £5 for kids to get in and many Welsh young­sters were see­ing their first Welsh game last night and the hard­core choose to at­tack them with vul­gar­ity, the hard­core are short sighted and prone to mob men­tal­ity. Any­one tak­ing part in that chant last night, you are cre­at­ing divi­sion amongst sup­port­ers. YOU are the prob­lem.


I would say if there were 8,000 empty seats at the Cardiff City Sta­dium for the Ir­ish game and 50,000 sold for the Spain game last night, 30,000 came to watch Spain play not Wales or just to say they were there. Prin­ci­pal­ity has turned into an event-goer’s par­adise (rugby or foot­ball), hard core sup­port­ers are al­ways go­ing to be out­num­bered in a sta­dium so big in a coun­try so small. E.g. two women and a bloke sat be­hind me and my boy had a chat for the whole first half on whose dog was the cutest.


Wales had a flash in the pan two years ago, done ex­tremely well in the Eu­ros in France, blew World Cup qual­i­fy­ing big time against the Repub­lic of Ire­land in Cardiff. It re­ally doesn’t mat­ter where we play be­cause the bub­ble has burst and there will be five or six thou­sand at games again and 90% of them will be from North Wales who have stood by Wales through thick and thin for decades. I am from South Wales by the way.


Face facts, Bri­tish foot­ballers don’t have the tal­ent seen in other parts of the world. Give our foot­ballers credit for hav­ing a go against the odds and re­mem­ber that you aren’t good enough to get into the Wales team but if you think you

can do bet­ter feel free to put your hand up. I used to sup­port a team that con­sis­tently found new ways to lose, but when they did win it was the great­est. They got deleted from the com­pe­ti­tion oth­er­wise I’d be still sup­port­ing them. At least we won the an­them.


It was not a bad per­for­mance. Can­not imag­ine Eng­land do­ing any bet­ter – the World Cup was mis­lead­ing in that Eng­land man­aged to avoid the top teams. That will never hap­pen again. The Premier League is an in­ter­na­tional tour­na­ment – all Bri­tish man­agers are “feed­ing on scraps”.


The choice of venue is surely what prod­uct is on of­fer. Last night Spain had a lot to of­fer and pretty good play­ers – re­sult 50,000 so the venue was right. Play against a team that is not so good, av­er­age play­ers, go back to Cardiff City Sta­dium. I would not in­clude the Lib­erty as the ca­pac­ity is only around 20,000 and re­ally we should be aim­ing for crowds be­tween 30,000 and 50,000. But one very im­por­tant point and that is the per­for­mance of the Welsh team. Too many are dwelling on the Eu­ros. That is gone, but there are pretty good young­sters com­ing up so be a bit pa­tient. Some of course prob­a­bly now at the end of their in­ter­na­tional ca­reers. But that is what it is like. Noth­ing stays still. There are many plas­tic fans who go to Welsh rugby in­ter­na­tion­als by the way and prob­a­bly do not see much club rugby. A place to be seen, as they say. At least with foot­ball you do not get fans who con­stantly drink and go up and down to the toi­let. And, yes, foot­ball is num­ber one now. Re­cently the Scar­lets played at home to around 8,000 spec­ta­tors – you get more than that in Divi­sion 2 foot­ball games at times. It’s only the BBC and this news­pa­per who build up rugby.


I agree with your points about foot­ball, but why do you feel the need to bash rugby?


It’s not the na­tional sta­dium of foot­ball and never will be. Rather play at the Lib­erty than here.


How many of the 50k were there to watch Wales or went for a cheap night at the Prin­ci­pal­ity Sta­dium? Where were they for the Ire­land game? Fans didn’t turn on each other, they just didn’t ap­pre­ci­ate a foot­ball game be­ing turned into an Ed Sheeran con­cert.


It’s a rugby ground, end of. I cer­tainly won’t do­nate to the egg chasing cof­fers rather them play at Barry Town than that cabbage patch, soul­less.


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