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‘I al­ways start the day with a pos­i­tive af­fir­ma­tion such as ‘I am


You left be­hind the world of ball­room to be­come a med­i­ta­tion teacher and life coach in LA, how’s that go­ing?

I love it! Put it this way: peo­ple here don’t get scared when you talk about crys­tals, reiki, mind­ful­ness and med­i­ta­tion [laughs]! They are like, ‘Bring it on Camilla!’ There’s an open­ness and such pos­i­tiv­ity. If you have an idea, peo­ple don’t say: ‘How are you go­ing to do that?’ In­stead, they say, ‘That’s ex­cit­ing.’

Most days I will teach a med­i­ta­tion class at Un­plug Med­i­ta­tion, it opened three years ago and is the world’s first med­i­ta­tion stu­dio.

I of­ten have peo­ple com­ing in for a class fol­low­ing a stress­ful day at work. Af­ter­wards they might hug me and burst into tears and say, ‘Thanks, I needed that. I’ve had an aw­ful day. I had to be Su­per­woman but I wasn’t up to the job.’ In­stead of bot­tling it up and say­ing, ‘I’m fine!’ they're able to let it all go.

I also go into com­pa­nies and do med­i­ta­tion classes. It’s so funny be­cause peo­ple will walk in glued to their phone, look up and be drawn into what we’re do­ing. I also see clients for life coach­ing. I use hyp­no­sis and mind­ful­ness to help with all kinds of things in­clud­ing stress, anx­i­ety, ad­dic­tion, con­fi­dence, panic at­tacks and trauma.

Your new book Rein­vent Me guides peo­ple on how to make big life changes. What’s the big­gest chal­lenge you’ve faced in your rein­ven­tion?

I guess af­ter leav­ing the dance world in 2008, be­ing a com­plete novice again and be­ing okay with that. As a suc­cess­ful dancer, I con­stantly com­pared my­self to oth­ers and had a com­pet­i­tive at­ti­tude. Now I like to say the af­fir­ma­tion, ‘I don’t com­pare or com­pete’ to keep my ego in check.

Danc­ing was such a big part of my iden­tity and the thing peo­ple would recog­nise me for. I remember one of my clients was re­ally proud that I’d won Strictly Come Danc­ing. At a party, she said very loudly, ‘This is Camilla and she is a cham­pion dancer!’ It made me cringe be­cause I was try­ing so hard not to be ‘Camilla the dancer’. Now I try not to de­fine my­self by what I do but how I am feel­ing that day.

What spir­i­tual prac­tices do you do ev­ery day?

I find walk­ing in na­ture so ground­ing. If my head is feel­ing up in the clouds, I’ll go for a walk and it helps bring me back down to earth. I head out twice a day with my hus­band (ex-Hol­lyoaks ac­tor Kevin Sacre) and our dogs. We go hik­ing in the moun­tains or take a walk near the sea.

Ob­vi­ously, I’m big on med­i­ta­tion. If I don’t meditate ev­ery­thing starts get­ting a bit ‘off’ and I’ll worry about things that oth­er­wise wouldn’t bother me. My brain will start run­ning off with things like… ‘Oh why did she say that? Is she in a mood with me?’ But when I meditate, it keeps life sim­ple and I don’t have those nag­ging thoughts so much. I al­ways start the day with a med­i­ta­tion where I use a pos­i­tive af­fir­ma­tion such as ‘I am strong’, ‘I am en­er­gised’, ‘I am awake.’

LA is an es­o­teric hub, have you learnt any new spir­i­tual tools there?

One day my boss at the stu­dio asked me to cover a class for an­other teacher – crys­tal med­i­ta­tion with reiki and aro­mather­apy. I do reiki and love aro­mather­apy and crys­tals but used them for my own well­be­ing at home. I cov­ered the class but found it a bit woo-woo for me. A month later my boss said, ‘Do you want to do the train­ing for the crys­tal med­i­ta­tion with reiki and aro­mather­apy?’ I put my foot down and said: ‘Look, it’s not me.’

In the mean­time, I started buy­ing more crys­tals for my home – I have huge amethyst

geodes and I can’t live with­out rose quartz. ‘Is this what it’s all about now?’ my hus­band said. ‘We've got crys­tals ev­ery­where!’

A while later, my boss asked me again to do the train­ing so I said, ‘Okay, I sur­ren­der!’

Now I teach a class ev­ery week us­ing crys­tals, reiki and aro­mather­apy and I love it. There’s some­thing mag­i­cal about work­ing with crys­tals.

Even Kevin doesn’t mind now – he says he doesn’t be­lieve in crys­tal power but when he has a cold I’ll give him crys­tal heal­ing and he’ll find it clears his si­nuses. Funny that!

You’ve been mar­ried for seven years, what do you think is the se­cret to a suc­cess­ful re­la­tion­ship?

Al­low­ing each other to be in­de­pen­dent and who you re­ally are is so im­por­tant. Kevin has been amaz­ingly sup­port­ive of me and I hope he can say the same of me.

We’ve of­ten had to be apart for months be­cause of our sched­ules but it’s kept things fresh be­cause we ap­pre­ci­ate each other more.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is also vi­tal. Kevin and I are both Aries and can be pretty fiery. But we never hold any­thing in, we com­mu­ni­cate and clear things if there’s a prob­lem. One thing I al­ways tell my clients is to never as­sume any­one else knows what you are think­ing un­less you com­mu­ni­cate it. I’ve known clients to save their re­la­tion­ship just by be­ing open and tell each other how they feel in­stead of as­sum­ing you know what your part­ner is think­ing or feel­ing.

You prac­tice hyp­no­sis, have you had any ex­pe­ri­ences with past lives?

When I was grow­ing up in Den­mark I was al­ways scared of go­ing to bed at night but

I didn’t know why. My mum would com­fort me but I couldn’t shake off my fear.

Later we had a house fire caused by a faulty dish washer. Luck­ily, we all woke up and got out of the house but it was a hor­ren­dous ex­pe­ri­ence. A few years ago,

I did a re­gres­sion and saw my­self in a fire. I didn’t know what year it was but it felt like a re­ally long time ago. I also got the feel­ing that I’d been trapped in fires in other life­times.

As well as car­ry­ing through fears and mem­o­ries from past lives, I also be­lieve we're rein­car­nated with other peo­ple in many life times. I have a friend and we both have a strong feel­ing that we’ve lived through many life­times to­gether. The other day I picked an or­a­cle card for him and it said… ‘Mother, sis­ter, daugh­ter, wife.’

I said to him, ‘I be­lieve we’ve been all of that.’ En­er­get­i­cally we're very con­nected too.

Re­cently he said to me, ‘It’s a full moon,

There’s been an en­er­getic shift.’ I said, ‘You’re telling me, I haven’t slept for three days!’

Could you share any tips with our readers on rein­vent­ing them­selves?

It can be over­whelm­ing at first and if you start with a big to-do list it can be way too much. Of course it’s fine to start by writ­ing down a big goal – like writ­ing a book – but then you need to bring it back down to a more man­age­able level, to what you can start do­ing right now.

Start small and ask your­self, ‘What’s the tini­est thing I can do

today? It might just be mak­ing a phone call or talk­ing ideas through with a friend.

An­other im­por­tant thing to remember is that it’s never too late to rein­vent your­self. You don’t need to say, ‘I’m too old for this now… it’s too late for me.’ I men­tion a lady in my book who al­ways wanted to pub­lish a book of po­etry. She started writ­ing po­etry in her 90s and had it pub­lished.

You talk about vi­sion boards and man­i­fest­ing things in your new book, how has this tech­nique helped you?

In 2007, I made a fab­u­lous vi­sion board fo­cused on my win­ning Strictly. That year I didn’t win. But when I looked at the vi­sion board again, I no­ticed I hadn’t put a date on it.

So I wrote 2008 on it and that was the year I be­came a Strictly cham­pion with my dance part­ner Tom Cham­bers.

Putting a spe­cific in­ten­tion had brought me suc­cess, but re­cently I de­cided to just go with the flow. I cut out im­ages I was drawn to and did a col­lage of a woman med­i­tat­ing in a dark room in New York with the words ‘From a beau­ti­ful lady’ cut out.

I didn’t un­der­stand and put it in my drawer. A few months later my boss asked me to go to New York to rep­re­sent her brand and do a med­i­ta­tion class. Sud­denly, the vi­sion board made sense, I’d man­i­fested a trip to New York!

Do you be­lieve that you’re guided by a higher force?

Yes, I do be­lieve in an­gels and spirit guides. I al­ways carry an Ar­changel Michael chakra spray in my hand­bag made by Car­rie Keller who teaches aro­mather­apy at the stu­dio where I work. It smells di­vine and I spray it on my throat chakra to help with com­mu­ni­ca­tion. I al­ways look for feath­ers as a sign an­gels are near me. If I’m search­ing for an an­swer and find a feather, I know that the an­swer is ‘yes’. I’m a very in­tu­itive per­son and be­lieve that I am down­load­ing in­for­ma­tion from a higher source. I felt that when I was writ­ing my book, it didn’t just come from me. When I’m do­ing reiki and crys­tal heal­ing I have sud­den mo­ments of in­tu­ition, I’ll sense when I need to place my hands on a par­tic­u­lar point on the body or where a crys­tal needs to go to bring about the best out­come.

I’m a big fan of Doreen Virtue and I have a few decks of her angel cards. One of my favourites is Chakra Wis­dom by Tori Hart­man. Tori is a friend and I popped over to her house one day and she showed me some beau­ti­ful rings she’d had made with mini ver­sions of her or­a­cle cards in­side them. She said, ‘Pick a ring as a gift, Camilla.’ I looked through a big pile of rings and was drawn to a yel­low and blue one. ‘What does it say?’ asked Tori. I looked closer and read the mes­sage, ‘It says Danc­ing Daisy!’ It was such a strong sign that the ring was for me. Al­though I no longer dance pro­fes­sion­ally, it’s some­thing I love and it will al­ways be part of me.

A spe­cial ap­pear­ance with Tom Cham­bers

I wrote my book to help oth­ers change their lives Camilla’s book Rein­vent Me is out now (Watkins, £8.99). To find out more about her life coach­ing, visit zenme.tv

I use or­a­cle cards to help guide me

The ring had a mes­sage

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