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For me, this is all about calm­ing and clear­ing your mind to al­low you to tune into Spirit’s higher en­ergy fre­quency and re­ceive mes­sages. I find the fol­low­ing re­lax­ation method works for many:

1 Start by de­clut­ter­ing an area in your home, where you can sit com­fort­ably and undis­turbed. Now light a stick of sage in­cense, a herb renowned for its cleans­ing prop­er­ties and abil­ity to raise our spir­i­tual aware­ness. Care­fully waft the smoke around the area and around your aura, the en­ergy field that sur­rounds your body. 2 Now sit and drink a small glass of fil­tered wa­ter. Not only is wa­ter cleans­ing, but a great con­duc­tor of en­ergy, en­hanc­ing your con­nec­tion to spirit and al­low­ing en­ergy to flow.


Set the glass down, close your eyes and breathe deeply, let­ting your heart rate slow and your body re­lax. Imag­ine a bright white bub­ble sur­round­ing you and feel a tin­gle of static as you start tun­ing into the fre­quency of the higher realm.


Feel the bub­ble be­gin to rise and carry you up into the bright blue sky. No­tice the sun warm­ing your face and see the clouds part as you jour­ney higher. As you float up­wards, breathe in the cleans­ing, fresh air and feel Spirit draw near. Again, you may feel a tin­gle down your spine or warmth in your chest.


Now, slowly, al­low the bub­ble to de­scend back to earth vi­su­al­is­ing a sil­ver thread trail­ing be­hind you – this is your con­nec­tion to the spirit world.

6 Slowly open your eyes, drink an­other glass of wa­ter and sit qui­etly for a cou­ple of min­utes be­fore start­ing your psy­chic work.

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