Can div­ina­tion help you find an­swers and move for­ward?

Emma Hibbs needed an­swers – dis­cover how a div­ina­tion work­shop helped her use her in­tu­ition to find them

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Emma Hibbs tries out a work­shop de­signed to hone your in­tu­ition and help you ac­cess in­ner wis­dom

So­lu­tions to try­ing prob­lems can come from the most un­likely sources, like a pile of old bones from a long-dead sheep. I know… who’d have thought it? Yep, bones are one of the tools we’re us­ing at the div­ina­tion work­shop I’m at­tend­ing, at Wood­ford Spir­i­tu­al­ist Church, in East Lon­don, given by teacher and psy­chic Wendy Stokes.

The work­shop is all about how to use div­ina­tion to find in­sight into any prob­lems you’re fac­ing, or how to move for­ward from a sit­u­a­tion you feel ‘stuck’ in.

‘Div­ina­tion works be­cause the un­con­scious mind knows the sit­u­a­tion,’ Wendy ex­plains be­fore we be­gin. ‘And it also knows the an­swer but we need to ac­cess these deep lev­els of the mind to ar­rive at the best con­clu­sion. Us­ing a div­ina­tion tool can throw up some­thing we might not have thought of, or that has been elud­ing our con­scious thought process.’

There are 17 of us here for the work­shop, many of whom are seek­ing an­swers to some­thing in their life. Per­son­ally, I’m here to try to find the an­swer to an emo­tional fam­ily dilemma that I've been los­ing sleep over.

I’d de­scribe my­self as ‘spir­i­tu­ally cu­ri­ous’, but I am slightly wor­ried that I don’t have any psy­chic abil­i­ties, and won’t be able to di­vine any­thing. When the other peo­ple on the course in­tro­duce them­selves I’m im­pressed by their spir­i­tual ‘cre­den­tials’.

There’s Marie who’s been go­ing to Spir­i­tu­al­ist churches for two years and has brought along her own crys­tal ball, Brian who’s a healer, and a City worker, who asks to re­main anony­mous, who’s been psy­chic since she was very small, plus two pro­fes­sional medi­ums. How­ever, Wendy as­sures me we’ve all got a psy­chic abil­ity to some de­gree, and once you find the div­ina­tion tool that’s right for you, you can use it to help de­velop this in­tu­itive side.

Seek­ing an­swers

We’ll be try­ing out an ar­ray of dif­fer­ent tools today. Apart from the sheep bones, there are crys­tal balls, ‘scry­ing’ mir­rors, pen­du­lums, runes… some­thing for ev­ery­one.

Wendy, who has been teach­ing psy­chic de­vel­op­ment for over 20 years, says: ‘It’s im­por­tant to try dif­fer­ent tools to see what works for you, and re­ally suits you.’

To get started, we’re asked to fo­cus on the ques­tion we need an an­swer to, ‘some­thing you re­ally need help with’. I con­cen­trate on the sit­u­a­tion that is caus­ing me a lot of angst, which boils down to: ‘Should I en­cour­age my age­ing fa­ther to move out of his bun­ga­low and into shel­tered ac­com­mo­da­tion?’ This emo­tional quandary has had us both foxed for weeks – he’s nearly 82, so we need to get on and de­cide.

Us­ing quartz or clear crys­tal balls is a pop­u­lar method know? Did you to hand any­thing used salt – to an­ces­tors leaves, sand, Our en­trails, de­ci­pher and – an­i­mal ground the formed. throw on shapes they in the ‘an­swers’

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