‘Tarot helped us take the plunge’

Two readers re­veal how they’ve used tarot to help them take a leap of faith

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Two readers re­veal how their trust in the cards led them to take a leap of faith and com­pletely trans­form their lives

‘I was fi­nally ready to trust the cards and leap into my fu­ture’

Itook a sip of my mint tea and shuf­fled my tarot card deck. Just like I’d done ev­ery morn­ing of ev­ery week for the past year.

I ran­domly picked a card, The Knight of Cups, and looked at the lovely im­age of a per­son leap­ing into a sky full of pink clouds.

It was a beau­ti­ful card, but its mes­sage was more than that…it was what I’d been wait­ing for. As I read it, I felt a flut­ter of ner­vous ex­cite­ment.

The Knight of Cups is about ‘trust’. It urges you to take a leap of faith oth­er­wise you’ll never see the lovely pink fluffy stuff!

‘Today, is def­i­nitely the day,’ I said to my daugh­ter Anna.

‘Good luck, Mum,’ she smiled. ‘Your boss is in for a huge shock!’

It was a lovely spring day in March 2017, and the day I was fi­nally go­ing to quit my school ad­min job, take a year out, and re­turn to my home coun­try, Fin­land, to spend time with my elderly mother, Lis­bet.

I’d day­dreamed about do­ing this for so long, but now it was a re­al­ity. I was ready to do what the card was say­ing to me – trust, and leap into my fu­ture!

I’m a crea­ture of habit and mak­ing lifechang­ing de­ci­sions doesn’t come eas­ily to me. I couldn’t have done it with­out the tarot.

Tarot wis­dom

I al­ways tell peo­ple that tarot found me, rather than the other way around. I be­came in­ter­ested in spir­i­tual de­vel­op­ment four years back, when a friend in­vited me to a Tony Stock­well talk on medi­umship at The Col­lege of Psy­chic Stud­ies in Lon­don. My ex-boyfriend had died that year and I felt a need to con­nect to the spir­i­tual side of life and make sense of it all.

Tony sparked a fas­ci­na­tion in me for all things es­o­teric and I went on to do var­i­ous psy­chic de­vel­op­ment cour­ses, in­clud­ing a work­shop with tarot tu­tor Avril Price.

‘The beauty of tarot is that it isn’t just a tool for div­ina­tion, but can also help you with self-de­vel­op­ment. I use the cards to help me with guid­ance ev­ery day,’ Avril told us. ‘And I’ll show you how you can do this too.’

I was hooked af­ter that work­shop, and signed up for an ad­vanced tarot course, to learn how to give read­ings for other peo­ple as well as use the cards to guide my own life.

Break­ing the cy­cle

I’d moved to Lon­don from Helsinki when I was 19 and didn’t plan to stay but I met my hus­band, we had our two chil­dren and I set­tled here.

When the kids were grow­ing up, I did an

Open Univer­sity course and then landed an

ad­min job at a school. Time ticked by, and be­fore I knew it I’d been in that job for 27 years. While my job was ‘same old, same old’, my life had changed a lot in that time.

The kids grew up, my hus­band and I got di­vorced, and my dad passed away leav­ing my mum on her own in Fin­land.

By the spring of 2016, I was feel­ing stuck and un­ful­filled. I just knew that there had to be more to life.

Around that time, I went on a tarot re­treat to Greece with Avril, where me and the other ladies would lay by the pool giv­ing tarot read­ings for each other. One thing that kept pop­ping up in my cards was that I was feel­ing un­sat­is­fied at work and that per­haps it was time to leave.

Big de­ci­sions

But why did it take me a whole year to do any­thing about it?

The truth is that nearly three decades do­ing the same job had left me al­most in­sti­tu­tion­alised. Plus, I no longer had a part­ner at home to talk to about the sit­u­a­tion – or to say, ‘It’s okay I’ll sup­port you if you leave your job.’

My Osho Zen Tarot deck was my sound­ing board. I’d ask the cards ques­tions like, ‘Am I mak­ing the right de­ci­sion?’… ‘When should I leave work?’… ‘What can I ex­pect from my new life?’

Though the cards I pulled in an­swer to those ques­tions were pos­i­tive, I wanted the card that would make me feel ab­so­lutely sure I should quit my job and break free. I didn’t know what that card would be, but I was sure I’d know it when it came. And when I saw that Knight of Cups, I knew in­stantly this was THE card.

I ad­mit my heart was in my mouth when I handed in my res­ig­na­tion, but there wasn’t a grain of doubt in my soul that I was do­ing the right thing, and the thought of spend­ing pre­cious time with Mum was so lovely.

‘We’re very sad to see you go,’ said my boss, when I broke the news. ‘But we’re also so happy that you are go­ing off on a new ad­ven­ture.’

Since learn­ing the tarot, I’d al­ways kept a record of the mes­sages the cards had given me, in my tarot jour­nal.

Not long af­ter I handed in my res­ig­na­tion, I was flick­ing through the mes­sages when I re­alised that back in Jan­uary I’d pulled out

The World, in re­la­tion to what would hap­pen for me six months ahead.

This card is the last card in a tarot deck and in­di­cates the end of a cy­cle.

I’d had to give three months’ no­tice at my job, which meant I left in June!

Tarot com­mu­nity

I’ve made lots of friends through the tarot cour­ses and work­shops I’ve done. We keep in touch via Avril Price’s Ex­plor­ing Tarot Face­book page, where peo­ple share card read­ings and give ad­vice to each other about in­ter­pret­ing the cards. They’ve been so sup­port­ive of me.

‘You’re so brave to be tak­ing a leap of faith, we are proud of you!’ said one of my friends.

It means so much to me to be able to spend time with my dear mum, and it’s made me think about plan­ning the next stage in my spir­i­tual jour­ney. I am open to all pos­si­bil­i­ties, but what­ever hap­pens I’ll be us­ing my tarot cards ev­ery day for guid­ance – and check­ing in with my tarot com­mu­nity for sup­port.

It's lovely spend­ing time with my dear mum, Lis­bet

EWA DONNACHIE, 57, de­cided to quit her of­fice job af­ter 27 years! ‘I knew there was more to life’

With my daugh­ters Anna and So­nia

My tarot friends are a great sup­port I started my job 27 years ago

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