Angelic Cord Cut­ting

Call on the power of the an­gels to help you sever neg­a­tive en­ergy cords and move for­ward on your path

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Dis­cover how to break un­help­ful bonds and set your soul free

You might not be able to see them, or even be aware of them, but they are def­i­nitely there… in­vis­i­ble en­ergy cords that tie us to oth­ers. ‘Ev­ery thought you send out, good or bad, has an en­ergy that cre­ates a cord that ex­tends out of you and at­taches to peo­ple, an­i­mals, places and even ob­jects,’ says

Diana Cooper, who helps free peo­ple from these bonds us­ing angelic en­ergy. ‘But it’s only when you’re neg­a­tive – feel­ing an­gry, re­sent­ful, hurt or fear­ful – that cords weld to­gether to form a thick rope that sti­fles your abil­ity to move on, keep­ing you stuck in the past. This binds you in an emo­tional tug of war with the other per­son or sit­u­a­tion and only by sev­er­ing these ties can you un­tan­gle your un­healthy con­nec­tion and move for­ward.’

Help­ing you move on

When these cords are healthy and pos­i­tive, you’ll feel light and en­er­gised. But when they’re neg­a­tive, you’ll feel drained and heavy and the cord can drag you back in life, hin­der­ing your po­ten­tial and fu­ture hap­pi­ness, ex­plains Diana.

Take love re­la­tion­ships, for ex­am­ple. A cord you’ve forged with some­one who wasn’t good for you or right for you, can keep you phys­i­cally or emo­tion­ally ‘stuck’ in that re­la­tion­ship even once you’ve walked away – un­less you cut it. Only then, will you be open to new and pos­i­tive re­la­tion­ships in your life.

As well as re­la­tion­ships with those around us, we can also form un­help­ful cords with the places we live. ‘For ex­am­ple, you may have a beau­ti­ful home but if you’re un­able to ap­pre­ci­ate it be­cause of the fear of los­ing it, see­ing it sim­ply in terms of fi­nan­cial se­cu­rity, that can cre­ate an un­healthy de­pen­dency,’ ex­plains Diana.

Call on an­gels

One tried and tested way to break these cords for good is to call on angelic help. ‘The an­gels’ pow­er­ful en­ergy can get to the core of these stub­born at­tach­ments to trans­mute this neg­a­tive en­ergy, end­ing an un­healthy bond. This is some­thing I’ve done with hun­dreds of clients in work­shops, help­ing them break free from the past and step into a brighter fu­ture,’ says Diana.

‘One of the key an­gels I like to work with is Ar­changel Michael who is al­ways on hand with his ce­les­tial sword, the per­fect tool to help us cut cords and give us the courage and strength to move into a bet­ter place.

‘I par­tic­u­larly call on his help with fam­ily sit­u­a­tions,’ she says. ‘For in­stance, one of my grand­chil­dren was not get­ting on with her mother and I was told that be­cause she was so close to me, her mother was feel­ing re­jected and that af­fected their re­la­tion­ship. So I de­cided to un­cord my grand­daugh­ter from an emo­tional de­pen­dency on me, to im­prove her re­la­tion­ship with her mum. I did a med­i­ta­tion on Ar­changel Michael. It felt emo­tion­ally painful to me when I vi­su­alised him cut­ting the cord, but it was worth it be­cause this set my grand­daugh­ter free to form a bet­ter re­la­tion­ship with her mother. It’s worked out for the best for ev­ery­one, we’re all so much hap­pier now.’

Cut­ting a cord doesn’t al­ways mean sev­er­ing a con­nec­tion al­to­gether – just the neg­a­tive tie.

‘One client I had was un­happy be­cause she was al­ways ar­gu­ing with her hus­band, their

re­la­tion­ship was frankly aw­ful, and she wanted to leave him, but felt there were dozens of rea­sons why she couldn’t. We dis­cussed un­healthy cords and the im­por­tance of free­ing your­self from them, and then I took her into a guided vi­su­al­i­sa­tion in which she imag­ined Ar­changel Michael ap­pear­ing in a flash of bril­liant deep blue, and her ask­ing him to cut these neg­a­tive ties, which she saw as big black sticky ropes bind­ing her like an Egyp­tian Mummy to her hus­band. It was only when she viewed the cords in this way, that she re­alised her hus­band felt equally stuck.

Af­ter Ar­changel Michael had cut her free from her bind­ings, she took this deep breath – it was like she hadn’t been able to breathe for years be­cause she’d been sti­fled by the neg­a­tive cords within her mar­riage.

‘When she opened her eyes, she was able to see her hus­band dif­fer­ently, and with space be­tween them, their re­la­tion­ship healed.’

If you feel you have an un­healthy cord that you need to cut, in or­der to be able to move on in your life, and progress on your path, there are dif­fer­ent ways to call on the help of the an­gels.

You don’t need to be ham­pered by these con­nec­tions that will only hold you back, limit your po­ten­tial and your hap­pi­ness, and psy­chi­cally drag you down.

Try the two meth­ods shown – a pow­er­ful med­i­ta­tion and a fire rit­ual – and see which one works best for you. You may find that a cer­tain tech­nique works best for sev­er­ing ties in a par­tic­u­lar sit­u­a­tion.

Vi­su­alise the ties that bind you to a per­son or sit­u­a­tion

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