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any of us are here on earth to ful­fil a spir­i­tual mis­sion, but how do you find out what yours is? There are a num­ber of sim­ple ways.

Try ask­ing your spirit guide or the an­gels for a sign. Some­thing you may have thought was a co­in­ci­dence could well be a mes­sage from them. Maybe you keep see­ing an ad­vert for a new job or work­shop, or keep hear­ing a cer­tain song on the ra­dio - lis­ten to the lyrics, there could be a mes­sage hid­den in them.

Have a go at med­i­tat­ing. Sit qui­etly, close your eyes, clear your mind and fo­cus on the ques­tion 'What is my spir­i­tual mis­sion?'. See what im­ages or words ap­pear in your mind, they will help guide you.

Be­fore go­ing to sleep, ask the Uni­verse to show you what your mis­sion is in your dreams. Keep a pad and pen­cil by your bed­side to jot down what you see.

Fi­nally, try the div­ina­tion tech­niques on page 28 to con­nect with your in­tu­ition.

Try these tech­niques to un­cover your spir­i­tual mis­sion ‘Try ask­ing your spirit guide or an­gels

for a sign’

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