Calling on spirit

Spirit and Destiny - - Tried & Tested -

FOR OUR FIRST exercise we’re go­ing to try a med­i­ta­tion known as ‘jour­ney­ing’ to help us ac­cess our sub­con­scious mind and in­ner wis­dom to find an­swers.

‘I want you to imag­ine you’re go­ing on a jour­ney,’ says Wendy, as we find a chair and close our eyes. ‘Vi­su­alise pack­ing your bags, but there’s an ob­sta­cle in your way.’

I pic­ture my­self stuff­ing be­long­ings into cases, and in­stantly see the ob­sta­cle is that the taxi I’ve booked to the air­port hasn’t ar­rived, and we might miss our plane!

‘Ask for spir­i­tual guid­ance,’ Wendy in­structs. ‘This could be your spirit guide, as­cended masters, Ar­changel Michael, loved ones in spirit. Ask them to pro­tect you while you’re work­ing with Spirit.’

In­stantly, in my mind’s eye, I can pic­ture my grand­par­ents and un­cle – all of whom are in the spirit world, stand­ing to­gether, look­ing on en­cour­ag­ingly. It seems right they'd be the ones who know Dad best, and what would be in his best in­ter­ests.

Then comes Wendy’s voice again, guid­ing us to­wards the end of the med­i­ta­tion, ‘Now imag­ine be­ing met by a crowd of loved ones who are clap­ping and con­grat­u­lat­ing you.’

I see a crowd of peo­ple, and recog­nise all their faces as loved ones who've passed away, ex­cept for one woman who’s a new friend of mine, so maybe that means she's go­ing to be more prom­i­nent in my life.

When we come back to our present sur­round­ings, Wendy re­minds us that the spirit world, and the un­con­scious mind, uses sym­bols to guide us. I tell her about my dilemma and the dis­ap­pear­ing taxi.

‘Did you not call an­other taxi firm?’ she asks. ‘Per­haps it’s time to stop think­ing and take ac­tion?’ I think that maybe this could be a sign that I need to take some prac­ti­cal steps in look­ing for a re­tire­ment flat for Dad, rather than just wor­ry­ing and do­ing noth­ing about it.

Jour­ney­ing is a form of med­i­ta­tion

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